Donkey Kong Country Wii U Detailed

Donkey Kong Country has now being detailed by Nintendo during its minor E3 showing, giving us an insight into what the game will be like when released later this year. The official name is Donkey Kong Country: Topical Freeze.

There's a few new characters to play with, offering different abilities and you'll get a variety of different camera angles on show, making the game a little more cinematic and helping to beef up the traditional 2.5D offering that past games in the series have used exclusively.

Other Miiverse features will be included, to help socialise the game, as well as you might expect, gamepad interaction.

Satoru Iwata, Nintendo's president, who was presenting the E3 unveil, said that "You can even see Donkey Kong's fur flowing like this," showing some of the added graphical detail that we can expect from the game.

Unfortunately, as my colleague points out, we couldn't see it in the original video, because Nintendo only streamed at 240P, having not sorted out a better streaming option - again.

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I'm not a graphic purist but

I'm not a graphic purist but this screen look pretty much 2001 nintendo odyssey to me. I couldn't tell the difference between this and the gamecube. Sooner or later it had to catch them and now it's going Dreamcast style cause of their greed to make a more powerful console.

Anybody care to name a Sony

Anybody care to name a Sony game or a Microsoft game. What's that? Having trouble with that question? Maybe you should keep your mouth shut and let the game developers do what they do best. Leave it to the big boys to make their own games. I'm not sure why you are all so jealous of the Nintendo franchises. They have lasted over 25 years but maybe they should listen to you now right? You seem to have the solution. If it ain't Nintendo, you're just playing with yourself. Go play your gaystation or xcox

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