Microsoft: If You Don’t Have Reliable Internet Buy An Xbox 360

Microsoft’s official stance is that Xbox One is perfectly usable as long as it allowed to phone home once daily, however it seems that this is not the whole story.

According to Microsoft Interactive Entertainment division President Don Mattrick, the console is designed to be always online and gamers with unreliable internet connection are better off not buying it.

"Some of the advantages that you get, of having, a box that is designed to use an online state, so, that, uh, to me is the future-proof choice, and I think people, could've arguably gone the other way if we didn't do it," he said. "and fortunately we have a product for people who aren't able to get some form of connectivity, it's called Xbox 360."

"If you have zero access to the internet, that is an offline device, I mean, seriously, when I read the blogs, and thought about who's really the most impacted, there was a person who said 'hey, I'm on a nuclear sub,' and I don't even know what it means to be on a nuclear sub but I've gotta imagine it's not easy to get an internet connection."

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prediction for MS:dead, dead, dead....................

So basically; if you don't want to be our dog on a leash then **** off and buy [waste money] out old ****..... I say "and if I decide to tell you to go **** yourself and jump ship and get your competitors machine PS4 so when I'm done with the games I can sell 'em on ebay to put towards new titles, what the **** can you (MS) do to me?" ,,, some of the dumbest rednecks are at the helm of what used to be 'great' MS, now some bullshit search engine is beating them. All we need is a very good effort from google in making a OS, something like their android, and that'll be the final nail to their coffin!................Hate ******* arrogant companies that think their customers are their sheeps and they can do whatever they want with them. Even the mighty Sony are feeling it, and for the first time wanted input from the developer community in building their new machine. Gone are the days when they make some bullshit - hard to work with - console and people are forced to struggle (PS2), but the dumb Americans are totally disconnected with the real world with their expectations.

If your ISP goes down for

If your ISP goes down for unseen circumstances or your Hub messes up on a Friday Evening when you get back from a long week of work/school and it’s down over the weekend, so you’ve spent out on an expensive little black box that can’t be used, I think anyone that buys an Xbox One is mad. Little dig at the Xbox owners below; Brought PlayStation 3 on first release and still have it today in perfect order and my little brothers Xbox 360 has been replace three times since its release.

microsoft logic..

so.. lets use our imagination and create this scenario: i have my new Xbox HAL..sorry Xbox *ONE* (my imagination is bit twisted on this) on my tv and im playing my favorite Xbox One game called (squeeeeezez his imagination) Gears Of Halo...yes..gears of halo its a new cover based first person pew pew with master chef (chef?..meh) so im playing it and having a blast but oh no whats this internet connection is lost cause ISP is having some problems and theyre doing maintenance, so Xbox one makes dramatic death like optimus prime on Generation 1 series and im forced to dig the 360 from its early grave.. question to microsoft: *continues with boromir voice* How does someone simply play his favorite Xbox One game on 360? cause in my logic: 360 does not simply play Xbox One games well this is serious question when you think about it i mean this *IS* a solution from microsoft "and fortunately we have a product for people who aren't able to get some form of connectivity, it's called Xbox 360." if ISP screws you up like cheap W***E you cant play any of your games on xbox one but hey atleast you got 360 right....right?... there *isnteh* reliable ISP on this planet there will be maintanence, broken routers etc and microsofts solution: get 360... its like you want to drive youre favorite car and then starts raining and it wont start and theres display saying: "please use: walking"...


What is the point of a console when you have a PC at your disposal ! frankly there are millions of people like me who cant live without their beloved PC just like me ! so stop console developments and unfair restriction of games to just one console !!!!! IT IS CALL COMPUTER ! CONSOLES COMPUTE BY THE RULES OF A COMPUTER ! no point in buying a console which is a waste of money !

this is nuts

what was Microsoft thinking when they announced that xboxone needs to be hooked up to the internet evey 24hrs. there are many people that have issues with internet connections, so what Microsoft did was make a bigger problem for themselves by, having a costumer missing the deadline because of a router or box issue what then he or she has to call Xbox support so they can get there system un-locked because they didn't make the deadline. then there call centers better be ready for infinite calls. then having even this idea where to be able to trade a game with a friend or lend it to them but first you have to know the person 30days or more. what? that's like saying yeah you can trade your xboxone game but first find a friend who has a bigger **** then you.

I stopped buying consoles

I stopped buying consoles after my PS2 Died, that was almost 10 years ago (I'm 26 now). They keep calling them consoles yet they're always 1 step closer to being a PC with custom case and OS. After the PS2 I totally fell in love with PC's and I'm still a huge enthusiast to this day, there's more things to do on PC, games are also cheaper and look better. To me consoles ended at the PS2, Xbox era.

Personally own one?

Really? Not according to the greedy corporations you can't. Additionally, a console doesn't accept any instructions/data a person might want to do work on, therefore, personally, it ain't no computer. Maybe a CC? Corporate Computer? No, more like Corporate Console.

When i watched this interview

When i watched this interview on gamespot, i could not believe what this guy was saying, he's literally ******* on his people and telling them "just pretend its apple juice". I'm not gonna argue if the xone will be good or not, but they need a better explanation as to why, because so far I'm not seeing anything that the ps4 wont be able to do.

PC building

PC gaming since 1989 and I stopped building my PCs 3 years ago, now I just buy a freaking armed to the teeth laptop every holydays and sell the last one at the same time, plug a nice LED TV 24" throught hdmi and is like having a rig, cheers!

At some point after your 15s

At some point after your 15s building your own PC loses its novelty and is no longer a point of pride "hur i know cooomputaahs". I'm a PC gamer all the way and I agree it's the machine people should go for if they don't want to be indocrinated. While customizing your PC down to its basic components is nice it doesn't mean you have to build one, there are pretty good gaming laptops at good price points out there. Not as cheap as a console (which are even cheaper than smartphones) but far more capable and providing you with 100% freedom of choice over anything and everything (unless you buy a mac, but gamers don't do that).


We'll let the sale figures speak for themselves. Though if I know big business (and I do) M$ will put a spin on it somehow to sell more if sales are low. Baaaaaa....

Thank you for every thing...

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