Fez Creator: Microsoft Doesn’t Want Indie Games On Xbox One

Fez was one of the most successful Xbox 360 indie exclusives; However, when asked about Fez 2’s main console, the game’s creator Phil Fish was clear that it definitely is “Not Xbox.”

Back in 2012, Phil decided not to patch a bug that corrupted the save games of 1% of Fez players on Xbox 360. The decision was reached after Microsoft gave him the choice between leaving the bug as-is or paying “hundreds of thousands” of dollars to certify the patch.

For Xbox One, Phil believes that Microsoft"didn't change anything about their anti-indie policies."

"Whether or not I would develop for it comes down to how the platform holder treats me," he added. "With Microsoft they've made it painfully clear they don't want my ilk on their platform. I can't even self-publish there. Whereas on PS4, I can. It's that simple. Microsoft won't let me develop for their console. But Sony will."

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The $40,000 or $10,000 figure

The $40,000 or $10,000 figure (depending on when you asked Mr. fish) was a lie to redirect the anger that should have been directed at him toward Microsoft. What really happened is that they already pushed out a patch that broke the game by adding this issue (among others) to the game (because he didn't bother testing it) and he wasn't competent enough to fix it. Rather than biting the bullet and apologising to his fans, he did only what Scumbag Fish would do and blamed Microsoft.


First of all the childish kids posting here you clearly have no idea what you're talking about, maybe you should watch Indie Game: The Movie. This guy went through a lot to finish this awesome game, the problem with microsoft is that every patch costs thousands of dollars to put out and for a small indie developer they can be too much. People may criticize his decision but ultimately if there's someone you have to blame that's microsoft. Thousands of dollars are quite a number and ultimately rather stupid for just a patch. I guess the only mistake he ever made was to release it on X360 in the first place, a mistake that I doubt he'll ever make again.

No, he didn't. He went

No, he didn't. He went through less than most indie devs do because of his recognition as being the subject of the movie and the five years of hype behind the game. And the problem isn't Microsoft, its him making a terrible game that's been overrated because of the whole "indie" idolisation thing, and him just being a terrible person in general.


LOL!!!! You call them childish (i don't disagree), but than you say "watch indie game the movie". For some reason that just looks funny.


They just like ******** on customers & developers. This developer, is an idiot. They said themselves that they could've released it on Steam & patched it as much as they like for free, at the cost of not being allowed on the $hitbox, a "privilege" that costs a fortune on top of a fortune on top of a fortune. Janitors trying to be programmers. **** haps. Maybe next time you wise up & dev for PC, know? If no, then go clean toilets & leave the gaming industry to those that know how to make games that work & who know how to conduct business.

As I understand it, for now

As I understand it, for now MS wants independent game studios. But they arent too stupid about it. They plan to either ask for a publisher with ties to them or to let MS be the publisher itself as to gain exclusive rights for the product for a certain period of time. It makes sense from a coin perspective. I wouldnt want certain titles being played on my system and every other system out there and I think every PC player thats **** hurt about getting console ports for years and spending decent money on cards that do mostly nothing will understand this. We all want PC exclusives, at least for a year and for programmers and artists to work with our hardware first, after that year, they can or should bring down the quality if possible and release stuff on console markets. Well, MS wants the same for their machine. End of story.

I dont know, I think he is

I dont know, I think he is talking bull. A guy that works with numbers and doesnt want to say the exact number...More so, when his general number has no point of comparison with other statements found around... Guys, this is from general Wiki: After the Xbox 360 release in April 2012, Polytron released a title patch two months later that fixed several bugs in the game. Although the patch had been certified through Microsoft's testing process, some players discovered that it had corrupted their save files and forced them to start over. As a result, Polytron warned players against installing the patch if they had not already done so, and Microsoft eventually pulled the patch from its service. In July of the same year, the patch was reinstated on Xbox Live without further modifications. In its announcement, Polytron explained that Microsoft had given them a choice of either fixing the save-state bug and having the patch re-certified, or placing the patch back on the service as-is. Polytron stated that the recertification process would have been prohibitively expensive (on the order of "tens of thousands" of dollars), and that it might have led to more problems that would be discovered later and require yet another patch. The developers estimated that less than one percent of players would be affected by the corruption bug, and Microsoft agreed that this percentage was too small to impact the original certification. Polytron and Phil Fish have received widespread criticism for this decision. I wouldnt trust him speaking about games and companies in a bar.


Some Advice to the indie Devs; Stay away from the console market,unless you want to get FFt in the rear-end,They all want to take advantage and not support you unless you pay!!! But keep at it, and make great stuff because you indie's, if you make a good game you dont need crapbox or bitchstation to get your games out and be succesfull.

you have a PC in a office

you have a PC in a office/computer room??? well thats the problem right there... a PC belongs in a command center... where there is no hunching over whatsoever... just cause the living room has the comfy sofa does not mean its best for gaming... sitting far away from the TV... having family members walk in front of your screen and distracting noises coming from all over... thats no way to game... thats no way to live...

Don't fear the humans.

I know I'm going to get eaten alive for this comment on a site like this, but that is exactly how to live: Interacting with family and friends ,"real" people, playing together. If you've ever noticed (as I have at least) the strange socially awkward and isolated attitude of some people who are on computers too much, this might explain it. There's something abnormal about sitting for hours hunched over a computer, all alone in a dark room, escaping reality and human contact, that will just have an effect on you. Compared to sitting in a living room with a console, playing with other people (family and friends), talking and laughing. Take a deep breath and come out of the darkness! Humans are mostly nice people and we don't bite, come interact with us, you will feel so alive! I'm being a little sarcastic I know, but you get the point. PERFECT CAPTCHA FOR THIS: Can I love? lol.

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