Sony CEO: We’ll Show Our Next Console Only After Microsoft Shows Its Own

Sony president, Kaz Hirai, seems to be content on repeating the company’s PlayStation 3 launch mistake by holding off PlayStation 4 (Orbis) release until Microsoft has launched its Xbox 360 predecessor (Durango).

"Why go first, when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better?" he explained to British magazine, The Times.

With both Orbis and Durango specs nearly finalized, most enthusiasts expected official announcements to be made during this year’s E3 expo in June. This looks less likely now.

This quest for processing power superiority has lead Sony to release PlayStation 3 a full year after Xbox 360. When Sony’s consoles finally made it to the market in 2006, its main competitor had already enjoyed a market lead of 10 million units sold. Even worse, Nintendo Wii was released around the same time PlayStation 3 was launched but it still managed to overshadow both consoles before the end of 2007, effectively proving that raw processing power is not the decisive factor in this market.

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Re - real gamers are on xbox

Wow, just.. wow. Not only is this statement one that a child would make (though I applaud you on your correct use of spelling and punctuation) this is factually false. Please, pretty please, grow up and realize that the console doesn't matter... at all. You can get controllers that look like Xbox/PS3 for each system, you can Plug PS3/Xbox controllers into computers if your a PC gamer. You can get a ton of games on ALL systems, which look good on ALL systems. You get the shrill 12 yr old kids on ALL systems who scream into the mic. You get the "brah's" on ALL systems who think its cool to camp/glitch/connection switch, and hack in the game. If your more worried about what system your playing on.. you are not a "real gamer".. your a poser trying to fit in with the "brah's"...PS3/Xbox/Wii/SNES/NES/Genesis/Dreamcast/3DS/Vita/PSP/Game Gear/PC (own these)- don't matter what system, its about the games...

Real Gamers play on NES, SNES

Real Gamers play on NES, SNES, Megadrive, N64, Geneis, Playstation ,Dreamcast Gamecube, PS2,Xbox,Wii,PS3,Xbox360,Wii U, Gameboy,Gamegear, Gameboy Color, Gameboy advance, Nintendo DS, PSP, Nintendo 3DS, PS Vita and PC. Real gamers don't really care about the support, they care about the games.


Noone said that Sony plans to launch the ps4 a full year after the Xbox720. Are you stupid? You're blowing one little comment made by Kaz out of proportion like an idiot. It's articles like these that gives video game journalists a bad name. And that comment about the Wii is so freaking irrelevant it's not even funny. Is this article about the Wii overshadowing both of the other consoles now? I thought it was about the ps4. And even if the Wii overshadowed the other consoles, that was many years ago. Also, there are other factors that were involved with the Wii's success that has nothing to do with this article. You're a moron.


Let's not forget that Sony made up the loss of sales and has now surpassed the Xbox in sales. That makes the Xbox 360 LAST in sales this generation. Say it with me guys: THE XBOX 360 IS LAST IN SALES THIS GENERATION.


yeah I agree, but we have been forced to play ****** xbox ports because they had the fan base and developers and publishers just can't pass up that kind of dough

you forget sony had to give

you forget sony had to give out a bunch of free **** and made about 3 bundles to sell the ps3, xbox has been chilling sitting on no matter what was a victory playstaton plus is a version of a jealous girlfriend, if i dont keep paying i cant use the content i purchased sony always gets its DLC last the vita in my room collects dust cause there is nothing to do on it but hack and mod it sony is taking an L lately.

360's new promo

Ok, so your saying the PS3 had to do bundles to make sales? Have you been living in a cave? The 360 has done the same. Also now they're having a promotion that sell's the 360 for 99 bucks while locking you in to two years of Live. I'm not saying the PS3 is better. Both systems are great in their own rights and also have their flaws. 90% of my gaming is done on the PC since I constantly upgrade it to keep up with demands MMO"s are putting on it.


Let's not forget that Sony made up the loss of sales and has now surpassed the Xbox in sales. That makes the Xbox 360 LAST in sales this generation. Say it with me guys: THE XBOX 360 IS LAST IN SALES THIS GENERATION.

**** right dumb ***

smh as always people think xbox is the **** but its not. n if sony is not a leader than explain ps1 and ps2. all three versions of sony never had problems because there built to last not like xbox who rushes **** just to make yet again another mistake funny how it went from xbox to xbox 360 to xbox 720 the name says it all there just going in circles over and over again. red ring of death they over heat the disk tray gets stuck the games dont read half the time and not once did sony system fail. its ok make sure u buy three xbox 720's cause u will need them as they seem to have a run time of one year lol ******* noob's sony coming out a yr later cause all we need is a system update smh its like pack ah punching the ray gun in zombies u ******* rookies. if u riding with sony thanks if u going with xbox than ride out. n dont comment back lets see how many problems the 720 has before ps4 even gets put into a box n hits shelves in stores lol peace. keep paying to play online while i save the money enough said.

X-Box 360

It's not that the system is bad the issue is that the quality of system isn't.I've gone through 5 x-boxes and also at one point had The Red Ring.Have only had the PS3 a year but I haven't had one issue with it at all.The 360's usually die after a few years or so and it's always been the case.The 360 is such a fragile device it's completely insane.As you've also stated the disk tray on my x-box has been getting jammed every now and than.Gets stupid after awhile such a god **** pain in my ***.Just wish these idiotic things never happened .

I disagree

Dude every console has it's own problems, even the ps3. And I own the Xbox 360 model that was before this one and it works just fine. I never had the ring of death once, and I've been using it for more than 3 years, and it never broke down once. On the ps3 every time you want to play a game, you need to either install the game or install a software update. Sometimes both. On the Xbox 360 however, you just pop in the game, wait 3 second for it load, and there. You can play the game. The ps3 controller is uncomfortable to hold, but the Xbox controller fits comfortably in your hands. Also the controls on the Xbox controller are easier to memorize. And the ps3 has laggy Internet. And although on the Xbox you have to pay for live, the connection is better.

Funny all the problems you list with the PS3 never happen to me, yet they ALL occurred on the 360. And I don't mind one bit about installing games to the hard drive or updating my games to an improved version of themselves. My PS3 never, I repeat, NEVER, lags when playing online. Can't say the same for my Live service. I know it isn't my internet, it can run an entire house full of computers and consoles and still run flawlessly. The PS3 simply processes better, as it should. The only downside to power is the RAM. Which they remedied in the PS4. The 360 controller is actually more uncomfortable to me than the PS3 controller, which is the same controller I've been using for the past 10 years. Easier to remember? Are you dense? They are the exact same setup save for the placement of analog sticks. Seriously. You're just spewing crap now.


never a leader? ps1? ps2? all before xbox you ******* ****** .. they are playing smart! wait till xbox shows so sony can beat the hardware again just like ps3s hardware beats 360s


^ Lame fanboy douchebags... I'm getting the first of the systems that gets hacked. Sony.... Microsoft... who gives a ****. Whichever is the first one I can get all games for free on is the one I will buy. Until then, I could care less...

K you guys are dumb, it's not

K you guys are dumb, it's not talking about delay In Releasing the console, it's talking about who shows their console first ie: an electronics show. If the product is finalized, they are not going to go back and change the system (internal parts wise) that cost them a **** load of dough to produce. Maybe they want to see how it looks, maybe it looks too similar to theirs, maybe they need to change the shell design. Who knows.

""proving that raw processing

""proving that raw processing power is not the decisive factor in this market."" Even though PC is better its about more than power and graphics. If its the best graphics ever it doesn't matter if the game is 1 hour long with a lame story and one move with 3 people in the entire game.


Guys, seriously, SQUABBLING? Ya shut up?! Participating in the arguments makes you silly as well. Stop being so childish and just talk about the news. PS4 is getting delayed. That has NO mention of PC whatsoever! Don't be so thick, you might just be arguing with a seven year old for all you know. Not worth wasting your time, eh?

Reality Time

I have a gaming PC, Wii, and Xbox 360. I like all of them and still have an old PS2 in the attic. By far the best in terms of power for games is the PC but only because it is a gaming PC, which means I can run three of the best graphics cards in the world, together with lots of fast RAM, solid state hard disc and top of the range CPU; all in one computer. Consoles will never be able to do that. I connect my console to a brand new 55" ELED 3D TV and I have dual play which is cool. For PC gaming, the resolution isn't nearly high enough, so I use a 24" PC monitor. So if any of you console fanboys think any different, you really ought to know your **** before you start spouting it. Having said that, the console is more convenient and I enjoy playing football and driving games much more on a console. It doesn't matter whether it's an Xbox360 or a PS3. What console developers are much better at, is getting every bit of power out of the hardware, which is why game get better as time goes on. PC only developers are lazy. They know that if they release a power hungry game, us idiots will just upgrade our PCs but at least we can. It's each to their own - live with it!

PC gamer wrong again

The real reason to get excited about a PS4 is what Sony as a company does with the OS and system libraries as a platform, and what this enables 1st party studios to do, when they make PS4-only games. If PS4 has a real-time OS, with a libGCM style low level access to the GPU, then the PS4 1st party games will be years ahead of the PC simply because it opens up what is possible on the GPU. Note this won't happen right away on launch, but once developers tool up for the platform, this will be the case. As a PC guy who knows hardware to the metal, I spend most of my days in frustration knowing **** well what I could do with the hardware, but what I cannot do because Microsoft and IHVs wont provide low-level GPU access in PC APIs. One simple example, drawcalls on PC have easily 10x to 100x the overhead of a console with a libGCM style API.... THIS IS NVIDIA TALKING. just because a pc has better specs doesn't mean it will be better than the ps4.

smh sony got a trick up its sleave

smh dude got both systems and the same games for both systems what does that tell u smh. i had my ps3 since launch n i dont have n e problems at all xbox sucks they need the head start just like the 1st two this one will also get the red ring of death. and fyi i know what im talking about ps3 only needs n update thats its MOTTO IT ONLY DOES EVERYTHING. n open ur eyes soon u will see. sony will be better everytime. xbox is cheap it over heats its loud games scratch by just playing them n my sony sits there quiet while the xbox ******* lol

Would be kind of hard for the

Would be kind of hard for the games to scratch on the newer Xbox with blue ray. Every tech has its flaws. Consoles have extreme limitations, Especially for a broad view for FPS anyone every play Tribes 2? Having a full based vision construct makes life allot easier for gaming instead of this tunnel vision, There really is no winner or loser between the xbox one or the ps4 the hardware is roughly the same, Sony's is 100$ cheaper because it don't have a extra piece of hardware with it (Kinect). Most true gamer's will buy both to be able to play X amount of exclusive titles. The only downside to that no for most Sony and Xbox gamers is both of them will require you to pay now which obviously Xbox already has had the Xbox live fee. Now Sony will ask to be a Playstation plus customer for online play. So one major draw back for dual console users is having to buy 2 year cards..I think Microsoft really shot themselves in the foot on there marketing which I dont fault people wanting to get a PS4 because of it. In the end nobody is really right or wrong when it comes to which system they like, That is why there is a choice but just like any multiple choice option, everyone thinks there choice "is the correct one". Good day.

Real gamers have all the consoles but my 360 died

I have a NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, Wii, PS, PS2, PS3 XBOX, XBOX360(died within 6months), PC, Sega Genesis, and various portables( that I barely have time to play). I buy consoles to play the games that cannot be played on the consoles that I already own. I really don't care to blow another $300 to replace a console that Microsoft made that was junk to start with. I can play games on all my consoles including the ones I got in the 80's. They all work EXCEPT the xbox360. Microsoft creates flawed OS and to prove how dumb they think the consumer is they created a very flawed xbox360. The only good feature about the 360 was the motion sensing bar and games made to use it. The support for red ring of death is this, they told me that I had misused my console which makes my manufacturers warranty void...VOID!!! thanks for stealing my money or basically charging me $300 to use their console before it self destructed. btw I think my console had a mission impossible message on it the day it died. Well thats my 2cents. Don't hate my opinion since I only dislike my 360 because it died way too early and has nowhere near the durability of my nintendo consoles. Those of you who have xbox360 that are working past 6 months can enjoy it and good luck to you when the next one comes out. I probably will buy the next one but if it breaks on the red ring like the 360 then I will probably never bother with it again. Just saying.

Its 2013

The PS3 was released in 2006 and game companies are just now hitting its max capacities. I would say six years to reach max capacity in a field as fast moving as electrons is incredible. Use your phone as a counterexample, it is painfully obsolete after 1 year let alone six.


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