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Tits and ass are incredibly prevalent in modern society. Sex is used to sell products in advertising, actors are shamefully primped into digitally crafted sex symbols and TV shows like Toddlers in Tiaras, stretch the definition of acceptable television viewing. Sex is everywhere, but oddly, not in our games.

With the recent pulling of No Reply Games' sex focused, interactive story 'game' “Seduce Me” from Valve's Greenlight service due to breaking of the terms and conditions – for being an “offensive” title – sex is back in the headlines of gaming websites the world over, all of them asking the question, “does sex belong in video games?”

It could be argued that games purely focused around sex are pornographic in nature and therefore warrant some sort of segmentation perhaps, in the way it is with websites and traditionally with stores that cater specifically to it.

But what about games that just feature sex as a feature or component of the overall experience?

Every time a popular title attempts to put anything sex like in its games that goes beyond a fade to black and some grunts, there's a problem. Look at GTA: San Andreas' Hot Coffee mod, or the blue side boob that appeared for a brief second in Mass Effect 2. It all gets blown out of proportion, people that haven't even played the game or seen footage of the event start screaming “save the children,” and to some it seems as if the world is going to end.

Of course it never does and children are as corrupted as their parents allow them to be. These games have age ratings for a reason and if parents choose to ignore them it's their responsibility to set it right, or at least explain things to their kids so they understand and learn about the adult activity in a constructive way.

But should it be there in the first place? Well the obvious answer would be yes, for a variety of reasons.

1: Taking into consideration the age ratings I mentioned earlier, the average gamer is in their 30s at this point. Not only have they had sex, they've been living with internet pornography for over 15 years. Believe me, unless you're doing a game adaptation of The Serbian Film, this is nothing we haven't seen before.

2: Unless it's Manhunt, where ritualistic killing was censored because... it's the game the lobby groups decided to go after, murder barely raises an eyebrow from anyone. Killing is rampant in games. Just look at the fast Paragon leveller in Diablo III. He's killed almost two million monsters alone. If he can commit mass murder, why can't a game have a sex scene in it?

3: Sex is a part of life. For anyone that doesn't know, it's how babies are made. Shocking I know, but we all began our life at a moment of parental coitus and society is slowly beginning to lose the taboo. It's still there – and enjoyed by many – but the simple fact is that sex shouldn't be considered a naughty thing any more. It's in films, in advertising, television and there is absolutely no reason it shouldn't be in our games.

However, despite these very obvious reasons that sex should be included in games and accepted by the public as a simple part of the artistic medium, the blame isn't entirely on the shoulders of complainers. Game developers could also help the cause out.

Despite the criticism for its leud content, Mass Effect actually has an incredibly impressive and deeply emotional erotic part to it but it is a rarity. More often than not, we get adventurers fucking hookers, or silly quick time sex games or button mashing to fuck harder. This isn't the type of thing that detractors of sexual content in gaming are going to agree with, probably ever.

No I'm not saying that because lobbyists and complainers have stale sex lives that games should be the same, but there isn't a reason that sex can't be used as an emotional connector between characters either.

Games focused around getting the clothes off of a digital woman should be just as allowed to exist in our gaming spheres as the latest AAA blockbuster, but they don't further the cause of sex in video games as much as they could.

Not only do I believe that sex deserves to be a part of gaming, I think it deserves to have more credit as a part of the emotional story within a game. It doesn't need to be your character just getting his rocks off, or a nudge-nudge-wink-wink from the developers saying “we know what you gamers want, digital titties,” but a real way for players to connect with a character.

We talked a few weeks about about how Lara Croft's surviving of an attempted rape could be used to delve into all sorts of new character emotions within a game. How about include a sex scene in that game not long after the rape and make it optional. Have it so that players can decide. If she goes along with it, perhaps Lara is emotionally distracted and merely trying to forget a horrific experience, thereby not building a relationship with the male counterpart. Perhaps if she says no, players can learn something about his character.

Sex is a massive motivator in human life and it should be used in games as well, not just as a treat or a laughable aside, but a real part of the gameplay. It can be part of the story and part of the world the developers create.

It doesn't always have to be, just as not every single racing game has to be a sim like experience, but just now and again I'd like to see some real effort put into sex.

That last line could have been phrased better.

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I've always had an opinion

I've always had an opinion for people who look at digital characters, or crappy jagged shapes on a screen (aka a video game character) and said "wow they're hot". That opinion is usually met with a wtf look and a punch to their face. It's just so sad the state of people these days. Most of the people we're talking about here haven't and won't ever touch a **** because well they play video games. The other select few nerds that actually have women are the ones that don't care about this stuff in video games because they have the real thing. Bottom line is, if you think we need sex in video games...if you think we need 2 solid objects bumping into each other with limited robotic movements, no interaction just like I said 2 solid objects banging into each other...then you are a sad sad object yourself. That opinion won't change and I won't look at anyone in a positive light that applies. It's possible that in maybe 30 or 40 years when "game graphics" are believable or at least don't look so awful and garbage like they do now that I might be a bit more lenient...but until we have Avatar level mo-cap and emotional movement in video games....nope.

are you serious...

First I will start with this lol worthy quote... "I've always had an opinion for people who look at digital characters, or crappy jagged shapes on a screen (aka a video game character) and said "wow they're hot". That opinion is usually met with a wtf look and a punch to their face." STFU! I can guarantee that other than maybe the WTF look, that literally has never happened. Do you want a Tapout shirt to go along with that e-thuggidness? Are you actually that hypocritical? You pretty much call them sad and pathetic, then go onto to tell a obviously fake tale about you punching people in the face to seem like a badass. Another thing, games are at the level that you can realistically pull off a sex scene. Add in how you decribe character models and you either haven't played a game in years. Also claiming that only a handful of "nerds" (the fact that you use that term as a insult makes your whole fake tough guy douche act even more hilarious) will ever touch a **** because they some how found out how to get a girl is humorous.The Mass Effect series has sold millions of copies so even a small percentage of that is still a lot of nerds getting laid. You just come off as clown shoes with this post man,F'n ridiculous. Another thing, what is the difference between thinking a video game character, comic book character, or a cartoon character and thinking a pornstar or celebrity is hot? What the difference between to getting aroused or jerking it to the any of them? Is it because they are flesh and blood? Reality is a subjective thing considering none of us have the same experiences, its made up of what we see, hear, feel,and taste. Jennifer Lawrence and Sasha Grey are as real to you and 99%+ of the population as Chun-li or Jessica Rabbit are. You say people that think drawn or 3D characters are hot, are sad, yet they have just as much of a chance with any of them as you and the vast super majority of the population has with a pornstar or a celebrity because. It all comes down to how subjective reality is to the individual.


Are you seriously that close minded? We have come along way in gaming and interaction not to mention human interaction, but to call someone stupid or pathetic just because on something that is against your belief is pathetic in itself. But hey if you wish to go that route... what do you like? I bet the things you like are pathetic and stupid to some. Like hip hop music? I don't. Would you like me to call you stupid and pathetic because in my views I see that music as for losers. Why is it that it's taboo to put romance in games but ok for film, television, books, novels and other ideas? If you don't like it, fine. Don't buy it and keep your insults to yourself. I don't go around blabbering how much hip hop sucks. It's there choose. As long as it harms no one and keeps everything civil, then I don't care if someone listens to nails on a chalkboard. Just don't call someone a loser just because someone likes something that you don't. Use your brain man. It's there to think and conjure up ideas. You'll be surprised the outcome.


You are the sad **** for even thinking that sex should be in video games for the reasons that you said. This article says nothing about trying to do you fan service. But we can see it is obviously what's on your mind even though you deny it. As for saying video game characters are hot... well you know they are based on real people nowadays so it's perfectly fine. You know when you watch a movie you are watching a 2D image but I bet you find 2D actors hot right? Because they resemble a real person, your mind does the rest. Not that this is at all relevant to the point the writer is trying to make, but I feel like your *******opinion needed to be addressed.

on or off

look. I can understand the desire to put sex in games. there's nothing wrong with wanting the option to see a little action. Yet I believe there are ways it can be done as to not hard wire it into games themselves. there is a few problems with allowing sex in a game. the major problem is this. most game companies might want to add sex into their game, but not all people want to have sex in the game, and some would prefer it not to be in the game to begin with. this leads to the issue of the game company trying to decide if they should or should not include sexual content. if they choose to put sex in the game it will most likely lower sales. the reason is this. As I said before not all people want the option of having sex hard wired into the game. so this leaves the game companies with only a few options. first, they could allow people to mod the game, yet if they give people the ability to mod it opens the game up to viruses, hacks, and takes some of the control of the game out of the hands of the game company. next, they could put the content into the game, and put some sort of block on it so that only people that access the content will see it. but as we've seen before with other games that have done similar things. this often times leads to the block being compromised, kids see the content, it gets blown out of proportion on TV and media that the game has sexual content embedded into it, and in the end the game company has to pay large fines. now the final option (and most likely the most logical) is to make the game standard without the sexual content, and allow people the option to download the sexual content like an expansion, or patch to the game. the content would require age verification, and a form of credit card payment. this would in essence free up the game company from having to pay fines for kids getting the content unless the kid is acting dishonestly. at that point the parents would be held responsible for the kids actions (which they are already, but fail to care about, or seek only to blame others for), the game company would then be giving people that want the sexual content what they want, and adults that don't really care to have sex in their game could still play the game without having to hassle with it. now if the kid gets hold of the sexual content and installs it illegally (weather it is from stealing ***** information to fabricate a site download, or getting the installation files from a pirated site or source) they will still be acting outside of the companies set restrictions of the content, thereby freeing the company from the ramifications of kids doing things outside of a companies EULA (you know. that large amount of text after installation that about 90% or more of the gaming community doesn't read, and most likely just clicks the check box and the "Next" button on). as I said, there shouldn't be a problem adding sex into games if people REALLY want it in them, but game companies need to consider better options of allowing people the ability to include the content, and many opt to not put the content into the games to begin with solely because of the money required to allow the option, and the man power required to create the content to begin with.


I agree fully with this guy here. Good article man!! Sex should be included, I mean look at how popular Hot Coffee was for GTA:SA!! And taking away from all the hookers and taking a different approach, what about Assassin's Creed II? No-one complained about its sex scene (admittedly yes all you see and do is strip her down, look at her bare back and shoulders and see some sideboob) or Assassin's Creed Brotherhood's (same sort of thing, but in a bath) once they found out it was to flesh out the character relationships a bit more. Then we have middle spectrum with The Witcher and The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings, where there's nudity and/or sex, but they are skippable scenes if that's not for you, and the only necessary ones are romantic scenes, once again to show character relationship or just to add to the story and experience, although with actual **** showing unlike AC. Yeah you have the option to bang a *****, but its an OPTION, and even then its still shown somewhat romanticized. Bottom line is, with video games heading in the direction of movies and tv shows, with its audience, violent or dark themes, deep involving storylines, and pretty much everything else in a modern game, depending on genre, why can't we for example be playing a horror game, and have a sex scene moments before a gory death, like pretty much every horror movie franchise, or play a game like Witcher or AC where its for character and story without getting criticised as a porn and gore simulator, or even just bang away at hookers? It's in our society everywhere else, might as well be in our games

Though I agree that there is

Though I agree that there is no real good reason why there shouldn't be sex in video games, I just am unsure how it could be worked into a game effectively. The sex parts of GTA 4 were amusing but didn't really do anything for the game. I would find a game where you press button x to thrust to be rather dull. I don't think it is so much they don't have a place, but finding where that place is. Though this line "How about include a sex scene in that game not long after the rape and make it optional.", I can't quite begin to state what is wrong with this idea. Someone almost getting raped followed by a sex scene would be incredibly creepy and remove the very real damage that rape can cause.

Mass Effect

Mass Effect is the only game series out their that used sex effectively and largely 'cleanly'. It just made it emotional, so your not thinking about blue ****, your thinking about the characters.

this site

I think sex in video games should be not because of dirty lust and should have been because of love because sex because of love is more pure Sex video game fills with blood and gore,sex actuallu more likeable then the safe video games like Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy Tifa Lockheart has large breast but she didn't use it to seduce Cloud she didn't use her sex appeal very well

I completely agree with all

I completely agree with all this and if they really needed they could just raise the game rating from mature being 17+ and just make it 18+ that way no one would have a reason to complain as long as ppl paid attention to the ratings and didn't let a 12 yr old kid play it then complain about its content. Personally I think that it's the parents who are at fault for letting there kids play a game without having any idea what it was, when I was a teenager my dad wouldn't let me play a game rated M unless he had either played it himself or looked it up to see exactly why it was rate that way.

Sex From a 26yo's Perspective

First. i love sex! One of my top 5 Hobbies. But Have People not seen Morbid the world has become? i remember i had a blast 20 years ago, playing Mario--No Sex, Sonic--No Sex, That WormHeaded guy--No Sex, Contra, Metal Slug-- Though i do remember that one girl had huge jugs! But thats how gaming should be. I do agree with having the parents note the game ratings before purchasing, but there is gonna be some kind of sexual content regardless of the game. there is always gonna be a girl with big ****, a girl with tight pants.. the World is just corrupt. Sex is Everywhere, Drugs on cable T.v, Killings are ridiculous. The Children, young or older teens have seen it all. and thats sad! Imagine how the next generation of children are gonna be? These are the children that will run the world. Its Sad What people will do to get dollars in their bank accounts. The Contents they will sell. Yeah, sure dad is gonna buy some ****, but eventually the Son will get ahold of it. Let it be a Video Game or a magazine. Isnt there enough "Mediums" in the world that they have to be put in video games? But until then i'll Play GTA and Pick up Prostitutes-- Cuz its Fun, and im not allowed to do it in the real Life- i mean, it is fictional, so it makes it okay-- No?


The children of the new age will be glorious. We have seen it all and know *****'s mistakes. All of u act as if we know nothing and see nothing. We see everything and video games help wake us up from the dream that you want to encase us in. Soon we will all escape and see almost every ***** as the villains they are. All adults do are create wars over ridiculous feuds and dont realize the full problem. We see the problem and eventually we will take action. Though, we will make the same mistakes as we are humans, imperfect beings who seem to know what is right and wrong, but at least we would have made several steps in a generally "right" direction instead of our predecessors who were liars and thieves Adults make the tragic mistake that all children are what they seem. If only they knew our minds and wit far surpass theirs on levels far beyond their comprehension..

Sexity sex sex should be in the games

First off, I'm going to say this: I'm going to develop a first-person, life like simulation, and sex is going to be one of the most sought out features in it (with the button control and all.) So nothing will stop me from censoring, though it's not the main point to the game's idea. Anyhow, I have thought of this ever since I saw the ending of FarCry 3, when you chose to kill your friends and be with the crazy temple girl. I was shocked to see the first-person sex happening, and her ta-tas being displayed and all. For a moment I thought "they're not allowed to do that, right?" Then I began thinking - the rating is M for Mature. Sex is considered a thing done by the mature group of people right? So why would this be such a controversial thing? I mean, it is pushing the limit by doing things like rape, or forced sex, but regular sex between two of the game's characters (or more haha!) should be allowed. I mean, we already have 12 year-old's watching head's being torn off 3D bodies and bloodshed going everywhere, so why can't they see sex? I know if I was a parent, I'd rather have my son find out what sex is through a video game instead of murder. Because then he would grow up to be a pimp, not a murderer. Another thing is, I kinda get mad when in these war games, racing games, etc., there is so much seductive activity portrayed, then nothing else happens. These are suppose to be manly games, where's the manliness in just giving the girl a kiss on one cheek after saving her, when we'd prefer having a kiss be giving on all her cheeks. And plus, it's not like some are really going to constantly restart their game just to fap it to the only sex scene. This also made me think back to one of the first Grand theft autos, where you had sex with a prostitute in a hotel, and controlled what they did, and the media went crazy about it, even though through that entire minigame, you had your clothes on.

just to add

& I stretch this thought with films, porn & that filth that gets into "songs" of course. I like A Game of Thrones series but please, less of the nudity or not at all, they actually serve no purpose more so the sex scenes. These things do not serve any purpose or add anything to make it a great film or game etc. Look, as an example, The Lord of the Rings trilogy is a great film, no sex needed. I cannot help but feel that adding sex scenes is perversive & just feeding into the desires of, mostly men. If fathers do not wish for their daughters to ever be a porn star or stripper or a hooker. Anybody that says along the lines of "but it's not your daughter or my daughter so it doesn't matter" is seriously in denial & lacks respect for their fellow human-beings. Worse if it's a woman who agrees with it I think. Sure, "it's not my body", but then you want what's best for your daughter & that's education, not being a porn star or reduced to flaunting her body like sheep to a pack of wolves!

Sex should not be in games (at least not, explicit)

Have a daughter(s) and then rethink about wanting your son to be like a "pimp". If everyone else thought like you, I would imagine a very protective father will develop in your case if it isn't already for a lot of people. In my honest opinion, the sex in games is not necessary, I completely disagree with it. However, story driven that may have a sex scene (like in Mass Effect) or suggestive one is enough to tell the mature audience what was going on. I cannot fathom the idea of playing a game with all its great mechanics, shooter, RPG, driving whatever, to then have an interactive sex (game) in it with quick time event, moving the stick up & down etc. It is ridiculous & mostly it is catered to the male audience. So society want's to promote hookers or porn. Yeah, we have it in the real world & very sadly so & did you know a lot of them are by coercion, not by choice? So what is that really promoting? It is very sad that a lot of "men" want hookers or a sex scene in their games but when it comes to real life & have daughters of their own, it's a different story. If none of you would ever think that you would NOT like your mother, daughter, aunty or even friend, any women who is related to you to ever be a hooker or a stripper or a porn star. Then in my opinion, you are just one hypocrite & really need to rethink about your desires in comparison to compassion for your fellow sisters & brothers in humanity.

Sex in Video games

This is the way I see it. Video games have hacked, garrotted, shot, crushed, murdered, horrified, sliced, mauled, terrified, killed and murdered in every conceivable manner imaginable. Yet most have squeaked by the censors and found their way onto our gaming consoles and computers. But show a little ****, or worse, a couple actually making love, and the censors, and certain public officials, go wild with outrage. Given that sex is natural and killing is not, it shows a lot about our values as a society. I honestly believe if society was less sexually suppressed, you'd see a lot less violence in video games.

First-hand experience from multiple fields

I work in the industry selling the games, have played them far too often for the last 25 years, and occassionally review them on the side. This is one of my biggest "what the hell is wrong with the world soap box rants" I feel so strongly about it that if I ever get around to it I will start a group to lobby all this nonsense. I have given speeches and written papers on these very types of speeches in every instance whether the teacher agreed or disagreed with me beforehand they agreed after hearing what I had to say. This is ridiculous. I am far less concerned with sex being or not being in videogames then I am with the "violent videogames makes people violent nonsense" This is a comment so I am not about to type my 10 page soap box rant here. What I will say is this. Parental controls have been on every electronic device known to man since the late 90's there is no option in it. Some of these games allow you to turn all the "naughty or violent bits" down. This is very poorly advertised as an actual option. Every time a newspaper or broadcaster talks about sex or violence in videogames it is always biased and poorly researched. From the "Mass Effect is selling Pornography to children" claims and the "Bully is a Columbine Simulator" these are two of many many instances in which a "hot button issue" is poorly researched and condemned. They will have stories that tell "both sides fairly" and any time it is some form of videogame professional reviewer developer what have you. They are always cut off in mid sentence. When regulations are made for the MPAA or the RIAA they are invited to the talks. When the ESRB regulations are changed or modified in some way they are simply "TOLD HOW IT IS GOING TO BE" I don't like or dislike sex in videogames. I have absolutely no problem with it IF IT IS DONE RIGHT. I see no reason to censor it. In the United States we live in an extremely over-sexualized state of mind. if a guy kisses another guy on the cheek he must be gay even though this is perfectly common in many countries. If a girl wants to be topless she must be a horny ho fo sho. There will always be something parents and society blame abnormal behavior on. If someone cannot understand something and they are close-minded they have to find a "reason" or explanation" for it. I say again if I ever get around to getting off my **** I will actually organize a group to protest the idiotic way in which violence and sex in videogames are covered in the media. Now addiction to videogames? THAT is a real problem. I may as well be plugged into my **** PS3 and PC. That is why I haven't organized some huge politcal revolt. Too lazy too much effort.

Just my opinion

Ok here's what I think and mind you this is just an opinion. Sex is okay if you give us a choice. Give us an option in the game and maybe an alternate story line or even a dlc so we can have it in the games but don't shove it in every game. It's just some people get uncomfortable with sex scenes while alternatively others enjoy it or even laugh at it. By giving us a choice we can have the games the way we like it. Plus if sex was packaged as a dlc theroe's more profit to be made then instead of having sales lowered by contravercial issues. Just give it some more time and let society make up its mind more. We all have the freedom to choose. Also I believe that it's a little unfair that some can or can't play games because of sex or violence. Give us an option let us press a button to either increase or decrease those things in our option menues. I know it's a lot to ask but it's just what I think would make the most people happy. It's just my opinion though. Everyone is entitled to their own.

America love violence, fears vaginas

Just watch the reaction of people (or yourself when reading those words). Violence ****** One of those things every one has, creates life, is completely natural to use for pleasure. One of those things is anti-social and causes misery and suffering. When will our backwards society learn to celebrate the right one, and condemn the right one?


Tell me about it.. it's ironic though because they seem to be scared with sex but then again they also seem to be cranking 'em out like a winner at a casino slot machine. Americas society is sick and gross. And they wonder why they have all those maniacs killing others.


Well, that is naturally what you get when populating one continent mainly with the most radical nutbags from another continent. :)

This thing

You people are seriously fighting over this? This is why gamers like us fall on our faces all the time, we worry about the wrong things.. "oh there's no sex, boo hoo" or "BAN SEX YA ******" and if you were to take a look at most of the comments the vast majority are bias and opinionated to the point of being not even worth reading. If you don't like the topic don't buy the game, don't click on the article, and open your ******* eyes. You people all seem to forget how stupid you sound. You wanna hear a girl moan for 30 minutes? seriously? It's laughable that you all clamor about something you can probably look up right now. This is an argument not worth arguing. I bid all you fuckshits and smartasses a good day and may you hopefully, oh I dunno, LEARN SOMETHING FROM THIS

okay ..look

Okay first off after reading all the comments on this blog I have to laugh at it ! 1) I am a Chirstian, I have been playing video games since I was 3 years old. i grew up with mortal kombat , Bloodly Roar Street fighter and Castleviana and all that good stuff! 2) if you look back video games back in the day were really meant for kids and teenagers ( in the US). Back then it didn't take much to make a child happy. But now the Adults are enjoying them too so what happens the have to make something for the adults . 3) yes I agree with you on the face that the games have ratings on them for a reason. but you can't put it all off on the parents . You have parents out their doing their job in checking the ratings and all , But I hold the Stores that sale them accountable as well ! I have seen places like game stop , walmart sale games to an underage child to make profit. 4) I think as far as games go we really do need sex in the because to me it ruins the whole thing it has nothing to do with my faith or anything . I just think that games can be bad a$$ without it. to me all you need is a Killer story line , great graphics ( btw i am a 2 d game artist) , Great Charcaters with awesome weapons and your good to go! I just think because of all the sex we see on tv, media, the radio, in real life... it.. just would be played out ! 5) and beside the womens apparel in all the games now a days ... will you can just about see it all... why include sex? I don't think it's going to make the game any better. If the game suck it suck bottom line .

I played on the dark side...

My husband is really into God Of War. Knowing I enjoy gaming (if it is E-E10 because we have kids!) He convinced me to try it one night while the kids were asleep. First...the *****? Really? Have a set of my own thanks, don't need them in my games. Second...the unrelenting violence. Made me queasy. I could not finish the game. I think video games have definitely taken a dark turn. ( I miss Mario.) However my husband is an *****, and I can not stop him from playing these games. I can however stop myself and my children. So he keeps his gross games in a locked drawer, and my kids continue to play Dora and The Bible Game (Which my son is awesome at**3).


Its the God of War, set in Ancient Greece did you expect to see a bunch of Xena's running around? Please, get some perspective, and if you don't want to see *****, don't play a game made for 17 to 24 year old males. If you don't like whats on my PC leave, but don't tell me what to watch in my own home, thank you very much.

depends on your kids age.

you should let your kids play differents games then that such as E 10 which isn't bad at all. really games like spyro aren't bad games considering i now know you atleast own a ps2 theres games like ratchet and clank to play even tho some are T the game is completely animated and theres not swear words ect only references to swear words which your kids wont even understand.

I just dont want it in my

I just dont want it in my games. I think the buzz surrounding it is stupid, and a lot of the time it will just ruin my game. The only time I can see it being an asset is when a game is centered around the concept of love or just life.

What's the big deal?

Why does the change of view in society always take the harmless out of the worst in media? You take seeing a nipple of Janet Jackson's ******* so seriously you attempt to ban MTV for life from the super bowl? (I can't remember the event) Actual rape is far more serious, but should be laughed off later if it is seen in movies or games (because it is only media, and not reality). Then you get into inter-racial relations, gay marriage, and religious rights. Religion has nothing to do with whites marrying blacks, and media has nothing to do with gay marriage or sex opposing religion, because most often times media isn't trying to relate to religion as a whole, but to entertainment. After all that is blood/gore, which Mortal Kombat fans would know started this other movement to ban or restrict certain amounts of violence. Any 15-year-old kid who has understanding of basic to advanced levels of math and spelling could make a game that deals with cutting off a head, shooting someone in the face, or one that has guts spilling onto the floor. Well, as long as they have dedicated the time to learn some type of programming. No matter what, gore will be out there, and this bubble people live in will be making their lives miserable. If you are 15 or 50, you can design a game with a group of people, share it online or through disc, and get the same or perhaps a worse result than a major company. When it comes to media, I don't care what it is, does not bother me. Reality is another story, and there are far worse things than a simple 'nipple slip'.


I agree. there is no reason that games cant have sex in them. and if parents are worried about this, then its there fault. they should take the responsibility by making sure they don't play this game. sex would improve a lot of games by giving the characters closer bonds. sex is a part of everyone's life, (unless you live in your mom's basement) so why not add it to video games. its not even close to being as bad as killing like at least 75% of games have anyways...

no way

My hubby says it's a waste of time to add that crap into games. And since my daughter is usually around when we are playing video games, I think it needs to be left out. We have to check online before we can buy a game, because sometimes it wont say on the label if it has nudity or sex in it. Making a DLC for the perverts who can't get laid sounds like a better idea than to put it in the game for buyers who don't want it.

u hypocrite

What a hypocrite you are. Just because we think casual sex is ok just like in novels and movies you think that we want that because we can't get laid? Sorry hun we don't live in the 1970's anymore. I'm married. I have my women but nothing wrong with sensual romantic scene and my wife is shun up on these sex scenes. She laughs at them. "Since my daughter is around when we are playing games." Oh aren't you a saint. Protect your daughter from bad things. Kudos to you but GASP.... it's ok for your daughter to see your husband decapitate or headshot a person..!? Again... hypocrite and demented. I just don't understand why you Americunts can't think rationally or logically. If you don't like sex then that's your prerogative but insulting others just because they like it is none of your business.

A bit more nuance

So it's all okay to have your daughter watch someone being blown to bits, having their guts splattered all over the screen? Look at modern games, blood and gore everywhere, but if someone flashes a little bit of flesh (in the good sense) it's all so not done. I'm 100% sure this is all due to the general American mentality of being prude. Tolerating shocking murders is okay, showing a breast is suddenly the most obscene thing. Who gave you birth? Eventually your kids will find out how to see anything on the net. Age-ratings have a purpose and it's up to us as parents to disallow those too young to view that material access to them. Monitoring what your child is up to is also part of parenting, just like you'd watch your toddler out on the street so (s)he doesn't run into traffic, right? RIGHT? Let us adults CHOOSE what we want in our games! I liked playing FallOut New Vegas and certainly wouldn't mind seeing the otherwise blacked out ***** scenes. After all, showing the guts blast out a corpse is fine too. Your hubby doesn't speak out freely it seems, for many games there are very popular ***** mods and mine likes them if tasteful. It's hardly a waste. Get your prudent narrow-minded head out of your **** and accept that nudity isn't weird or creepy, we are born that way! Sex is part of the cycle of life. Blood, gore and murder isn't!


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