Two new Sims 3 Expansions Announced

Sims 3

Calling all PC gamers' girlfriends: Maxis and EA games have announced the impending release of two new Sims 3 expansions, called Into The Future and Movie Stuff. So if you've ever wanted to send your Sim away from all their loved ones, items and everything they've ever known so they can experience a robotic, iPod like future world, then now's your chance.

In the release trailer for the first expansion, we get a glimpse of the teleporter that sends you through to "the future," where jet packs are common, as are "homes of the future," and hover boards.

You can also build a robot to serve your every need, but make sure you get the programming right, or things can get a little messy.

Set for release October 22nd, you can also pre order now to get the quantum power pack DLC.

The Movie Stuff trailer doesn't tell us quite as much as the future one, but we know you can create Western, Horror and Heroes and Villains themed sets to make your own films on - and then fart in them.

Be aware as well, that the horse shown throughout almost the entire first half of the trailer, is only available if you also have the Sims 3 pets expansion.

Movie Stuff is set for release on September 13th this year.

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Sims games are such a rip off

The Sims games, while fun, are such a rip off. The base game is well worth the cost. However, the price you pay for the xpacs is ludicrous given the amount of content you get with them. You can pay upwards of 40 dollars for some of them, no thanks.

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