Spoilers Ruined New Smash Bros Story Mode


At least that's what the series creator, Masahiro Sakurai said when asked about why there wasn't going to be a story mode in the new Super Smash Bros - at least not in the same way it was done in Brawl.

Those of you who played the singleplayer (or cooperative) elements of the Wii's Smash Bros, will know that the Subspace Emissary came up with a reason that all these characters might be found in the same game world long enough to beat the snot out of each other. It also featured in-game cutscenes, that acted as a very traditional gaming award for the players.

However, as happens with a lot of cutscenes now they ended up Youtube, something that Sakurai felt, ruined the whole thing.

"Unfortunately, the movie scenes we worked hard to create were uploaded onto the internet." Sakurai lamented. "You can only truly wow a player the first time he sees a cutscene. I felt if players saw the cutscenes outside of the game, they would no longer serve as rewards for playing the game, so I've decided against having them."

So in the new game, he won't be using story driven cutscenes, but instead, ones that when shared around help promote the game, like the big reveal for the Animal Crossing Villager and MegaMan.

There will still be a story mode of sorts, something that's a little different than the usual Vs action, but it won't be to the extent of the one in Brawl.

Anyone else feel like this smacks of someone throwing a tantrum? Of course the clips are going to get uploaded to Youtube, but the people who want to experience them for the first time without spoilers won't go looking for them... right?

They're for people who don't own the game or who want to remind themselves what happened without playing through the game again.

[Cheers AGB]

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Are you kidding?

I played the subspace emissary 10 times! And I played it until the end 9 times! Every time, I loved the cutscenes. Maybe I was a little more 'wowed' in the words of Sakurai, the first time, compared to the last time, but I still love it, and if everyone was sore about people uploading their creations onto youtube, there would be no more creating, everyone would just be sore about it. Sakurai is unbelieveable, I am disgusted and disappointed.

Yeah...once again Nintendo is

Yeah...once again Nintendo is crippling itself by removing or horribly mutilating industry standards simply because it goes against the companies archaic morals. You know, this means we won't be seeing cutscenes in any Nintendo developed games from here on out. The only thing they're "ruining" is the biggest reason to own a Ninty system; first party games.

Sakurai has learned his lesson

One of my big nitpicks about brawl, to be honest, is that it was really watered down, in favor of a story and character rational. I feel like Sakurai has finally realised that you can't turn Brawl into a motion picture of a game without crippling what made it great to begin with, which is the mayhem and crossover delectability. Now, this is despite what acclaim he has for wanting a good story driven game. Of course he's going to be disappointed that this idea wouldn't work out, but he should have seen this coming to begin with. Now, at the least, he can start working towards making the game work in its favor again. These promotions are what we want to see. These promotions encourage us to play the game, instead of discouraging us, like he would expect the video leaks, and they provide us incentive by giving us eye candy until the game's release. I think Brawl was one of those little experiments we all do every now and again, to see if something will work out or not. Sure, it was a mistake. A fun mistake to some, and a stupid mistake to others. What matters now is that Sakurai tweeks the game to have that good old action paced fun that we enjoyed in the past. That good old melee speed, with all of the chaos! But...if there is anything to gain from Brawl, it's that we fans absolutely love third party crossovers, and we sure as hell love to see our favorite characters retain their voices and style through gameplay.

Two completely different scenarios

I understand where you're coming from, but I can hardly call the two scenarios the same. A movie is different because watching it is literally all you do. So if you see the ending, then there really is no point. However, with a video game, even if you do watch the cut scenes first, actually playing the game puts you in a completely different experience. With a movie, you only see what everyone else does. But with a game, your experience is entirely your own, shared with no one (y'know, unless you're playing co-op). You may know what happens at certain points, but actually getting to those points yourself, in your own way, is what truly makes it special. Also, many cartoons get leaked before their airing, yet the creators don't up and stop making episodes. They get frustrated, yes, but they keep creating, for the benefit of those who chose to patiently wait, and for the self-gratification of seeing their project through to the end. Receiving a paycheck may also have something to do with it. Honestly, though, I'm inclined to agree with the fellow below known as Echobreaker who said that this is just a scapegoat, and that the real reason is to save time and not have so many delays. Which, if that really is the reason, I would have been perfectly fine with excusing it. I'd've just been like "Bummer, but I understand." But doing it like this is just frustrating and feels a bit like a slap to the face. :/ Once again, I know I'll still love the game (MEGA MAN), but I think this whole thing could've been handled better.

Sakurai has a point.

Smash Bros is a legendary part of my gamer life, and I understand what he means about games being ruined on youtube. I was looking forward to Super Smash Bros Brawl for months, and when I was 1/4th of the way through story mode, I saw the last boss on the side of recommended youtube videos. Spoliers everywhere. I also had a few friends that didn't bother to play story mode since they watched the end on youtube specifically. I ended up playing single player. :(

You know, if you look at what

You know, if you look at what Sakurai actually said, instead of this, it isn't about spoilers at all.... its about the fact that he felt that awesome cutscenes, as epic as they were, didn't count as a good enough reward for actually playing the story mode, since people can watch the cutscenes in general anywhere once one person's played and uploaded them, AND the scenes aren't really much reward after the first time you see them, even if you play the game. He's saying the game needs to give you an incentive to want to play single player more than just once.

Not anymore!

Not anymore my friend! Game-stories became so complex and good that the gameplay isn't the most important thing of a game anymore, like in Heavy Rain for example. But in the case of Smash Bros., the cutscenes work as a part of the gameplay, because they are your reward. It just feels unsatisfying to unlock something that you can look up in 2 minutes on youtube instead of playing 2 hours of a challenging course. So the gameplay suffers from such leaks. At least it's how I think about this topic.

That's not what this game is about

Heavy Rain is basically a digital Choose Your Own Adventure novel in game form. Phoenix Wright is another example of this. If your playing Smash Bros for the story first, even the adventure mode, you are missing the point. Smash Bros is a party fighter, and it's story in Adventure Mode is minute. It doesn't even do the cliched "Portals cause characters from different worlds to meet" plot, it just has them already there for no particular reason (yes, I'm aware that they are actually Trophies and not the real characters). It's just a quick thing to tie the levels together and features stuff that is awesome, hilarious and sometimes random. It is not worth sitting through a game's story if the gameplay is terrible. I sure as heck wouldn't have played Subspace if I didn't have any fun playing it. If you need a cutscene as an incentive to play on, maybe you're playing the wrong game for it.

Ehhhhh, I wouldn't go that far

I mean, this is the, what, 4th Smash Bros. game? And they've all been spread out through the years, and each game has brought new stuff to the table. And I wouldn't call most of these games "past their prime", just look at Pit; his series was dormant for, like, 20 years and, thanks to Smash Bros., he gets a shiny new game that most loved, pretty much putting him IN his prime. I think this is especially good for characters like him, as well as Mega Man who's pretty much been forgotten by his parent-company. Of course, you're entitled to your opinion and if you don't like Smash Bros., then that's perfectly fine; don't want it to sound like I'm belittling your opinion!

It's hilarious, reading all

It's hilarious, reading all these commenters whining about how Nintendo is being immature. Maybe if you didn't say **** like XDDDD I WANNA RAPE SAMUS AND ZELDA!!!!!!!!!1111111, people would actually give a **** what you think.

Agreed in full.

Agreed. I find such comments, as well as the general use of vulgar language, to be immature and frankly offensive. Is such conduct allowed here? Would the report function help to curb such behavior?

Superiority Complex

What's with Nintendo and their attitude that they always know better than the consumer and the consumer should be lucky they even get to play their games? They do realize they're throwing this condescending attitude at the people who keep the lights on, right? P.S. for megagames: forcing people to watch ads to see a captcha? Wow.

A theory

It's probably not that Sakurai really feels that. Sure, people can feel diminished if something they worked hard to present in an intended manner gets circumvented really easily. The story mode of Brawl was the bulk of the game's data, and thus had the most time put into it. To prevent all the delays like last time, they'd need to chop out the stuff that takes the most time and focus on the actual game. So, they remove the story-based cutscenes to save time. At the same time, they know (or believe) such a cheap corner-cut would be bad PR, so they scapegoat Youtube- already having grounds based on their strange aversion to Let's Plays, in order to cover their tracks.

What is Adventure Mode?

What was Melee's Adventure mode like? Melee is the only Smash Bros. game I don't have (don't know how that happened), so I'm curious what it is I've got to look forward to. Comparatively, would it be closer to the first Smash Bros. single-player mode, or Subspace? Some kind of mesh between the two? Is it its own thing entirely? While I loved Brawl's Subspace (especially co-op), I'm wondering if I could be pleasantly surprised by more Melee-esque mechanics. Still gonna miss those cut scenes, but hey. When in Rome!

It isnt anything like Brawl's

It isnt anything like Brawl's. Its much shorter, more like the classic mode. You go to certain series-specific maps like in Subspace but its much smaller, overall. You should definitely get Melee, though. IMO, its worth every penny and its the best in the series. :)

I definitely should!

Huh, sounds neat! Yeah, I'm really gonna need to get Melee one of these days. It's for the GameCube, right? I have the console, just need to get the game...Anyway, thanks for the info! :)


Seriously, I don't really understand his reasoning for this. I got Brawl kinda late, and I didn't go looking up the cut scenes. It only spoils it for those who consciously look it up. You can't just accidentally type a cut scene in the search engine and then watch it all the way through. I mean, if every developer and writer had this mindset, then why make anything ever? It'll always get uploaded to the Internet because, well, INTERNET. And those cut scenes were glorious in every sense of the word. Ah, I guess I'll have a new reason to angrily shout "SAKURAAAAAAIIII!!!" when playing Smash Bros. But then I see Mega Man and I'm like "All is right with the world." Really, this bums and irks me, but it'll still be an enjoyable game. It'll just always feel like something's missing, and you'll always wonder "What could have been?"

Alienating a Player Base

Brawl was my first SSB game, and my younger sister. When starting the game, I played story mode first in order to: 1. Learn the controls and get better so I didn't always die when playing with friends 2. Play co-op with my lil sis 3. Play a variety of chars so I could learn how to play more than just 2 chars. Story mode made me try all the chars, and I ended up playing some of them later, when I played with friends. I treated story mode as a cool tutorial that covered all the characters, meshed with a decent story. I am against the removal of story mode, but don't care too much about cutscenes. They were kinda cool, but ultimately just were character selection screens. Keep story mode. Don't whine about people putting the stuff on the internet. Story mode was the awesomest tutorial ever. I would have only played a few characters because I needed some practice with each one before playing against people, and just against people I would only have improved with a few characters.

Cry some more?

Well, they are not going to implement story mode? Oh THATS A SHAME! HOW THE **** COULD I EVER PLAY THE ORIGINAL ONE WITHOUT HIGH DEFINITION CUT SCENES? Wait.! Ga-Gameplay? WHAT THE **** IS GAMEPLAY? I WANT TO SEE MARIO KICKING KIRBYS *** IN A VIDEO! Oh, i can do this myself in the game? THATS NOT THE SAME! Just to lighten thing up, yes, they wont make "story" mode, but that doesnt matter that they are not going to throw in the classic arcade or something similiar to the SSB Melee "story" mode. Serious people. This game was never about any big story. You just get three friends/siblings/whatever and smash the f*** out of each other. If you are that kind of obsessed with cut-scenes, then this game aint something for you probably.

If you're going to take out

If you're going to take out cut scenes and developed story just because someone uploaded the scenes from brawl onto the internet, then guess what, you might as well just stop production entirely because there will be just as many people uploading their actual gameplay videos right where scenes used to be online

Story mode was pish.

If you look at the reviews for the original smash brothers and melee it isn't about storymode its about getting some friend round playing your fav nintendo character and smashing **** out of each other. Me and my brother hated subspace it was boring as **** and when we got to the maze we were just glad we were nearly done. If i want a storyline there are hundreds of games with one i play smash bros to smash my bros not so i can see why link will help mario beat up jigglypuff

Hope you all get sarcasm

This ruins it for all of us, we all know the Smash Bros games had story lines akin to Half Life and Bioshock and are single player story is all that we care about not, I dunno, maybe the local multiplayer fun that Smash Bros is not at all known for mastering to the point of perfection

Playing devil's advocate a

Playing devil's advocate a bit, I can kind of understand his frustration there since I do feel like internet culture has become its own worst enemy at times when it comes to experiencing things like this. That said though, it is still a decision of individuals and to this reaction to me sort of implies a frustration of not really having complete control over how everyone plays or enjoys this game. And saying that, I can't help but be reminded of the tripping fiasco back in Brawl...which still kind of left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth, not because I play this game competitively because I never really have...but more because of what it and many other smaller gameplay changes represented in the bigger picture: something of a mandate to force people to "play the game right". I know many people scoff at the notion that some people liked to play this with no items, play it on a "serious" level or what not...but many other people DID like to play Melee like that and fact of the matter is the game gave people options to play either way, trailored to their own personal preference. You can turn items on and off, limit stages, it's all options for the player to use at THEIR discretion I may not play competitively or anything, but I don't think one has to in order to give a wary eye to a developer that actually takes active steps to undermine an entire way to play their game...a way that the game itself actually makes a possibility. If he didn't want people to play his game competitively, he shouldn't have given options to turn items on or off or any of that then. I understand that it's his game (well the game of everyone working on it really), and a developer should make stands with their vision, but there has to be a balance between that and letting the audience take it as they see fit. Sakurai to me crossed that line years ago by adding that one, stupid little forced feature (which wasn't the ONLY thing undermining that gameplay either but I'm getting off topic)... ...and although the loss of a cinematic story mode isn't a big deal at all (although I did dig it myself), it does make me a little more wary of some of the greater...gameplay related decisions that could be made from here and I hope it's not a taste of more of the above incoming.


I always thought the Subspace Emissary was a tremendeous waste of recources. All that work could have gone to the actual game in the form of like ~5 additional characters and ~10 additional stages (probably even more). The SE gameplay was dull, much to easy and not very pleasing presentation wise. I haven't faulted the developers because it is their game and they can do whatever they want, but I am quite happy for that change. Also... cutscenes? I remember cutscenes being impressive in the first Command & Conquer or maybe even in Final Fantasy VII to a degree, but nowadays games look almost as good as cutscenes themselve and we have an oversaturation on 3D movies in cinemas.

Not yours to decide!!

The very concept of what makes or breaks a game experience for a gamer is ENTIRELY UP TO THE GAMER THEMSELVES! I don't know why these pretentious developers suddenly got it in their head that they need to micromanage their audiences approval level for their game,and I don't care. The very fact that a change is being made in the name of what WE want most is ******* ridiculous! Sakurai's paranoia has critically injured his own game, and you know what? I hope he's happy, because if he's not, **** knows what he'll do next.

are you stupid?

what do you mean he doesnt give a **** what we think? what we think ultimately decides whether we are going to buy the game or not. thats how they make there money.

i almost broke my hand i punched my desk so hard!

thats literally the best part of brawl, and now he's throwing a tantrum. but why are we surprised? he threw a tantrum in brawl too, when he added tripping, just because serious players liked to play on final destination with no items. he hated that and screwed us, and NOW hes ******** us again! i got super excited for this game, going so far as to set aside money to buy a wii u, and now this? why are all these video game executives freaking out and ruining everything lately? the xbox one catastrophe, that fish guy, and now this?

May I remind you guys..

..That this is Smash Brothers we're talking about? You know, that one nintendo game that is THE multiplayer experience. on nintendo consoles, you know a fighting game, you guys know how fighting games are mostly gameplay driven and not story based like Zelda? I mean, seriously, how many of you guys played Brawl and thought SSE was the most important thing in that game and played it the most? not many, because most of the people who played that game might have played SSE once or twice but mainly did classic mode or brawl or event mode, all of which don't have cutscenes, heck, Melee, the game all the tournament guys say is better than Brawl has an adventure mode, and that didn't have huge blockbuster cutscenes. There wasn't even a story because it didn't need a story! That's not why we play smash brothers! Maybe we can expect adventure mode in smash 4 to be like melee's, just bigger and incorporating that sticker thing in SSE So let's take in consideration this is a fighting game that most people play for Free-For-All mode and will be mostly used for that feature there is going to be an adventure mode in the next games, but with less focus on story, people are suddenly spouting out how nintendo has betrayed them, calling Sakurai lazy, and talking about irrelelevant things like diferences between regional gaming culture. You guys are acting as if they're taking out the storyline in the next Fire Emblem game! That would be something to be ****** off about, not removing cutscenes from some mode you'll only play a few times, heck, it might even improve the flow of the adventure mode.

Butthurt, much?

Sounds like simple ol' laziness to me, Nintendo. So someone uploaded cutscenes? Butthurt, much? Welcome to the age we live in. You're lucky it was JUST cutscenes and not entire pirated copies of the game (though that'll happen anyway to a lesser degree). There are still millions of people out there that want a story to the all mindless fighting that DON'T look up cutscenes and you're ******** them. I haven't supported Nintendo since the kiddie Wii came out and as much as it sucks, I'm glad I'm still not a Nintendo guy anymore.

Edgy, much?

Dude, why are you such an ******? You hate a company because of their target audience? I'll assume that you consider it 'kiddy' because your 1337 gamer skills entitle you to play the **** stain that is Skyrim, or the bloated mass that is the modern FPS. The Wii had tons of great games, SSBB being one of them. If you can't see past the fact that Nintendo are a company creating games mainly aimed at children, and believe those sort of games are 'for babies', then how can you consider yourself a true gamer? Also, did you reall say butthurt much? What are you, 12?


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