Spoilers Ruined New Smash Bros Story Mode


At least that's what the series creator, Masahiro Sakurai said when asked about why there wasn't going to be a story mode in the new Super Smash Bros - at least not in the same way it was done in Brawl.

Those of you who played the singleplayer (or cooperative) elements of the Wii's Smash Bros, will know that the Subspace Emissary came up with a reason that all these characters might be found in the same game world long enough to beat the snot out of each other. It also featured in-game cutscenes, that acted as a very traditional gaming award for the players.

However, as happens with a lot of cutscenes now they ended up Youtube, something that Sakurai felt, ruined the whole thing.

"Unfortunately, the movie scenes we worked hard to create were uploaded onto the internet." Sakurai lamented. "You can only truly wow a player the first time he sees a cutscene. I felt if players saw the cutscenes outside of the game, they would no longer serve as rewards for playing the game, so I've decided against having them."

So in the new game, he won't be using story driven cutscenes, but instead, ones that when shared around help promote the game, like the big reveal for the Animal Crossing Villager and MegaMan.

There will still be a story mode of sorts, something that's a little different than the usual Vs action, but it won't be to the extent of the one in Brawl.

Anyone else feel like this smacks of someone throwing a tantrum? Of course the clips are going to get uploaded to Youtube, but the people who want to experience them for the first time without spoilers won't go looking for them... right?

They're for people who don't own the game or who want to remind themselves what happened without playing through the game again.

[Cheers AGB]

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Not to include cutscenes cause some someone will post it on youtube? what are you smoking? not everyone has every system out there. so in that respect their will be people out there just curious and see what the games about. and if someone is loyal to a franchise, they will not be looking for said spoilers. when im ready for a game, ill buy it and get the full experience. then ill check out vids of other peoples that posted what they experience. Screw this **** generation of gaming. its getting ridiculous. sticking to my PC.


I'm kind of with Sakurai on this. Unless you completely avoid the net, spoilers are innevitable and can completely ruin the experience. For example -spoiler- The Incedent where everyone's experience was ruined when Sephiroth killed Aerith. -spoiler end- Cutscenes make a game, and can help unmake the game if spammer out for all to see. Gamers need to work through a game to get to the cutscenes, living the game as an actual experience, especially if it gives a half-decent story to a game normally without one.

Fall in line, Nintendo

This reeks more of the same-old bullshit that's been happening to modern video games. Games are moving away from the single player experience entirely and going to exclusively multiplayer. Yes, I'm one of those ******* losers that plays video games by himself for a good story. Yes I am one of those losers that likes to read books. Yes, I am one of those losers that doesn't feel the need to validate my e-peen with "achievement points". Why not include a story mode, Nintendo? Is the Wii-U floundering SO BADLY that you needed to churn this game out ASAP to cash in on the multiplayer crowd? News flash!! The multiplayer crowd is going to stick to their COD's and Battlefield brown-on-brown, foreigner killing, shooters! They're going to play traditional tournament fighters! Why turn Smash Bros. into another ******* party game? We have umpteen-million ******* mario party games for that! I stuck with Nintendo all the way from the NES back in 1985. I'm a single player gamer, and proud of it. To just have Nintendo "fall in line" with the rest of the crowd is just so....sad. No wonder all I play are retro games.

"Games are moving away from

"Games are moving away from the single player experience entirely and going to exclusively multiplayer." ...except that Smash brothers has always been more of a multiplayer experience since the n64-era a.k.a. before the whole CoD online console multiplayer craze.

I'm with you

Hey. I still have my old nes and I was about to stick with nintendo. But those people doen't understand I'm still here and I'm not a child anymore. They forgot about me while sony and microsoft has all that I want and it's natural for me to say Fu&&&ou nintendo and your smash ****.

I can understand, but don't fully agree

I understand him being upset over people putting game content on youtube for everyone to use and how it can ruin experience. I remember looking up Chrono Trigger to see what the game was like because I haven't played it, and the video contained a MAJOR spoiler with no indication it was going to. I'd be ****** too if I worked hard on a game and people could just view its entirety on youtube. But then again, it's nice to be able to simply view them again on the tube. So it's a lose for him and a win for the fans and cheap people. So let's face it, it's the people that uploaded the video's faults in the first place. I don't agree with him not doing it though, I like seeing Nintendo characters in CG during the megaman controller and was really looking forward to CG Link again when the game comes out. So I'm all in all mostly mad at you uploaders more so than Sakurai. Way to go guys, you screwed us over! :P

Just goes to show...

This just highlights the huge disparities in gaming preferences between the Asian and Western markets. Nintendo is losing touch with the Western market, which has been diverging from the Asian one for over a decade.

They'd be right to "lose

They'd be right to "lose touch" with the Western market for knowing better than to think cutscenes have any actual value to a videogame. Western development cycles are backwards for how much importance they place on writing and graphics over actual gameplay.

I'm okay with it.

Let's face it, everyone would play through the story mode and forget it in a week. While I enjoyed it in Brawl, it wouldn't be as good a second time around. I'd rather they focus their efforts on the multiplayer and online play and get it out sooner. Anyone remember how long Brawl took to get out? My guess is because of all those cutscenes.

These Nintendo losers need to

These Nintendo losers need to pull the dirty tampon out, shut the balls up, and start making good games again. Anybody remember Ocarina of Time? Of course you do because they keep re-releasing it on every **** console they make. How about some creativity Nintendo?

How old are you?

With such a childish, immature comment I find it hard to believe you were old enough to have played the original Ocarina of Time. I'm sorry you've had to limit your game play experiences to reproductions, kid.


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