Microsoft To Stop Selling PC Games Through Marketplace

Starting August 22nd, 2013, Microsoft will stop selling PC games through the marketplace.

This move is a part of a service overhaul that'll also bring an end to the Microsoft Points currency system in preparation for Xbox One release.

All prior purchases will continue to be playable through the Games for Windows Live client, and the Games for Windows Live service will continue to operate as normal.

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You still can

Buy them from Game-stop, Walmart, and best-buy. If there are any other stores that sell games I don't know them. Either way its not steams choice. The game company's decide not to make any physical copies.


THEY'RE NOT SELLING PC GAMES ON XBOX DOT COM ANY LONGER, I hope in capitol letters you understand a little better. xbox dot com is the consoles site makes sense, games for windows live would be a different market and different website, nothing to be confused about and you can still purchase pc games from their other sites.

Think you missed his point.

Microsoft has been chaning things lately so much that it seems they don't know what they are doing. The only feature they have that remain the same is that the spy camera must be hooked up to the system at all times. Hell, they even just announced that in 8 countries the system won't be available. It is almost as if when sony announced launch Microsoft just started making **** up to go stay on the same page with them. Heck there wasn't even a dev box available for developers when E3 was going on, xbox one software was being run on PCs


Nevermind, just read an article that states kinect requirment is no longer effective. Guess nothing has remained the same. Still I say F Xbox for selling everyone out. However I am weak and will buy the controller just so I can buy an adapter and hook up to my PS4. Unless of course there is an adapter released that lets me hook up one of my 360 controllers to the PS4.

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