Sony planning VR headset for PS4

Sony VR

While John Carmack might have just signed on with the guys at Oculus Rift to help give it some star power, Sony has been beavering away on its own VR headset efforts. Of course we've seen 3D movie viewing hardware from the Japanese developer before, but this is the first we've heard of anything focused on gaming.

While Sony isn't revealing much until next year, when the hardware will debut for the first time, we can confirm thanks to Eurogamer's report, that it will include head movement tracking and it works in the upcoming Driveclub game on the PS4.

It was initially planned for the headset to be demod at this year's Gamescom, but for some internal reason, it was pulled and will now be shown off in 2014.

This gives the Rift quite a nice lead in, especially with the HD version that is now being shown off at most trade shows. This one is expected to go on sale later this year at a very competitive price, so it'll be interesting to see if the install base is largely used up by the time Sony comes to market.

However, the Rift is a PC centric bit of kit at the moment, whereas Sony could bring VR to the console platform with its own branded hardware.

What do you guys think? Will Sony bring too little too late to compete, or will it open up a whole new market?

NB. The picture headset is the HMZ T2 designed for watching 3D movies.

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the difference i see here is that RIFT is creating their VR for gaming, while sony is just throwing around the VR term to hype people up. Their VR is only for watching movies. Big Whoop. Can we say back of the band wagon sony?

This is inevitable

Let's be clear.. VR, like every other technology, is starting off primitive, and will be going to places very quickly that we can hardly imagine as realistic today. Think of cellphones 20 years ago compared to today, and then think about the potential for VR in 20 years. Telecommuting to work is going mean something very different. Oculus Rift is the first mainstream entry into this field. Sony is now following it up. Lots of other companies are going to be joining on board. The applications for this technology go far beyond gaming, there's simply no stopping it. Expect announcements from various other companies over the next few years persuing VR tech, regardless of the success of these initial forays. In 15-20 years, we're going to be using VR for applications that today seem like complete science fiction. And gaming will be absolutely awesome. A note about eye strain.. unlike other 3D apps, these VR devices have the potential to have very little eye strain. When you focus your vision on something "in the distance", you're actually focusing your eyes in the distance just like you would in real life, which is something you're not getting from your current computer monitor. These new 3D systems are not using traditional stereoscopic 3D, and hopefully they can eliminate the eye strain issue that has plagued for instance the NVidia 3D headset.

This is taking too long!

Personally I can't believe how long this is taking. VR technology is NOT starting off primitive. It started off primitive 30 years ago! If you're just hearing the term VR now you've had your head in the sand. The movie "The Lawnmower Man" was released over 20 years ago. When you compare the advances in cell phones over the last 10 years to the advances in VR technology over the last 20 years they are abysmal. The hardware is a little smaller and the graphics are a little prettier. After 20 years I should hope so. Why has it taken an independent project founded by some random VR enthusiast (Oculus Rift) to finally start moving this technology forward?

Sony is a big corporation,

Sony is a big corporation, Oculus looks insignificant compared to the potential Sony has. And for this very reason, the Oculus Rift will win hand down. OculusVR are all a bunch of passionates but more importantly, their the best experts in the field of VR while Sony is seeing just a a little way to increase their already promising userbase on PS4. So far the way OculusVR progressed is remarkable and their dedication seem flawless, where Sony will just try to make this gimmick a "semblant" of VR to lure people to their console, like MS did with their kinect few years ago. How many games where actually good on this? It's difficult to make a revolution on console because it's the communism of gaming; everyone is on the same spec for the best and worst. The OR is made for PC with all the customization you can ask for while Sony's VR will have to deal with a userbase on PS4 who doesn't have the peripheral, meaning most games won't be made for it, and if working at all, will work at half the frame rate without of course, an optimized gameplay made for the VR. I'm sure many games will pop up and this can only be good for this next form of gaming, but the fact that the PS4 doesn't have a razer hydra will make the peripheral much more limited in it's gameplay. MS will surely try not to lose any more ground by developing it's own as well. And last, what gives headaches is not the 3d, it's the input lag when doing (or not!) headtracking. The Oculus is fast at headtracking although not still perfect, we'll have to see about Sony's VR (and the amount of cpu required to keep the experience fluid while keeping the generic games intacts cpu-wise).

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