Xbox One Receives 10% CPU Speed Increase

Microsoft has given Xbox One a small performance boost before going into full production.

According to Yusuf Mehdi, corporate vice president of marketing and strategy for Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business, Xbox One CPU speed has been boosted to 1.75 GHz. This is nearly a 10% increase in CPU speed from its 1.6 GHz clock speed.

"We're on track for launch in November," Mehdi told the audience at Citi Global Technology Conference. "We'll announce a launch date shortly. We recently just went into full production, so we're now producing en masse Xbox One consoles. We've had real good progress on the system. In fact, we just updated the CPU performance to 1.75 GHz on top of the graphics performance improvement, so the system is really going to shine [and] the games look pretty incredible."

Last month, Xbox chief product officer Marc Whitten revealed in a podcast that Xbox One's GPU speed has been increased to 853 MHz, up from 800 MHz.

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They purposely left it under

They purposely left it under clocked so they can later say, "hey our new software update speeds up your xbone" getting more sheep in the process. They later found out how much better the pS4 is and decided to pull out the clock speed quote before launch.

Left UnderClocked On Purpose due to Greed

I havw to agree with your entire statement regarding Microsoft leaving the Processor Underclocked so they could win some media attention later on in the game. Microsoft realized they would probably have to have some way of countering Playstation 4's vastly Superior Hardware so they did Indeed keep their hardware Under Clocked just incase Sony's new system had better specs on launch this way they could say Microsoft could say they are giving back to teh community teh players when in fact Microsoft really wanted to hold back the power of the XboxOne out of greed but due to Sony Playaystation 4's VASTLY superior specs, XboxOne Microsoft had to come out and Overclock its anemic processor.

Inside The Xbox One

Is that really a Picture of the Inside of the XboxOne that Mega Games is using? If it is, ****, the system looks like 'one' cheaply made piece of garbage. The Motherboard looks cheap. The components look cheap. The Xboxone Screams mad e in China assembled in america.

It's still an incredibly slow

It's still an incredibly slow processor compared to what a modern PC has, and as it's also running an OS in the back ground and sharing it's ram with the GPU, what we're really looking at is a rather weak gaming system. Fine if you can't afford a PC, but really miles behind in performance. 10% more of f%#k all

RROD all over again.

Knowing how MS will be cutting the production costs to the minimum and probably wont be be uprating the cooling solution to compensate for the CPU and GPU clock increases I predict heating issues and hardware failures similar the the RROD similar the the original launch models of the 360 as the first batches are already in production, personally I'd avoid the initial launch of this console and wait for a while.

**** most of you

I really dont get why so much hate on MegaGames and more so for consoles and even more so towards Xbox, which saved the European and American console markets from being a frontier base for japanese social expansion and their anime hair styles. You can thank MS for opening up competition in terms of games, reason to why you get titles as Oblivion and Skyrim for Playstations. Because if you think that if they still dominated the market they would let a canadian roleplaying game into their machines as to reduce their national brute winnings and honor with parented companies and old time friends, you are out of your mind. Never forget that those arses at Sony are a bunch of japanese hating foreigners and women raping animals. You want to buy PS4, fine but dont going around hating our companies as to bow to those conquered and hateful chinese descendents. As in the marine, its a question of lesser evils and the lesser evil is MS. If its such a piece of junk why have the japanese abandoned their old ways of engineering within as to adopt international stand, which Xbox impulsed¿ Apart from this, they either overclocked both CPU and GPU or changed the setup before mass production, either way; its going to be stable and if it isnt they will end up paying up for it so, who cares? If you want to hate, hate me because Im the only one that actually reads you and let me tell, I brawl in bars in regards to the superior skills of Newton in comparison to Einstein, so yeah, I wouldnt mind doing otherwise in terms of companies and products. As I said before, the lesser evil is MS and if you are found in Europe or the Americas you better get in line because this is a war, an economic and social war and if you do otherwise, you will be considered as a traitor. Apart from this, who the hell on Megagames cares for consoles?! At least MS looks at the world as one market, while Sony looks at the rest of world as inferior beings including their wallets.

Japanese companies dominated

Japanese companies dominated 100% of the console market for a decade or so and never did they forbid western games from being published, Hence why there are so many western game dev studios today. Failure to know the past rendered your whole speech invalid before you even started typing it.

Your just a ******* biggot

Your just a ******* biggot red neck mate. Guys like you are the reason why many in the world cant stand USA. you think the world ends at the east and west coast of USA. As for M$oft being the lesser evil and viewing the world as one market my ******* ***. They are greedy, ignorant bullies whom cant even launch a console worldwide. The only good thing that has come from M$oft is the Gates Foundation.


So what is Microsoft showing with there XBOX One? that they were limiting the CPU power just to show at the last minute they can bring it up with little effort?, so there basically there showing that they can have a much higher end system. whats next last minute "turns out Xbox one is now selling for $199 after seeing that consumers still dont want the unit". Why change all of a sudden why not stick with what they claimed before, if they were soooooooooo confident about there product. They are just ripping people off.

I doubt this will effect

I doubt this will effect reliability. Its 10% not 20 or 30. Also I thoughts these processors were good for 2gig so in theory they are underclocked anyhow. Still I can disagree with your description of a piece of junk. M$oft have ****** up big time, they lost focus and the compulsory Kinnect 2 and overlaying of tv ***** so demonstrates this.

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