GTA V Online isn't even close to JC2 MP player numbers

We initially thought that GTA V Online would support sixteen players, but we've now heard from some sources, that the game may support as many as 32. While this might seem like the open world game of people's dreams, this is nothing compared to the mod being put together by the Just Cause 2 MP team, who've managed to get over a thousand players in one server and many hundreds in single instances.

If you've been keeping an eye on the mod for the past few months, the team behind it have been running several beta test events while they ready the game for a full release and the footage is mind blowing from a gamer's perspective. Never will you have seen so many players inhabiting an open world. Add in the ability to jump into pre-organised events like races, death match games and more, as well as simply being able to cruise around blowing stuff up and you have something that is not only technically impressive, but looks like a blast to play too.

While GTA V Online will of course bring in missions and clans, 32 players just doesn't seem like enough for a world the size of the one within GTA V.

Have a look at a couple of JC2 MP trailers and see what we mean:

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The limousine video is

The limousine video is hilarious, I'm surprised people didn't start shooting out of sheer rage when the massive crashes occured since that's something you do when someone blocks your path in a game like this, even if it was your fault.

Nope, MMO's are essentially

Nope, MMO's are essentially different from other games. Even so, when playing an MMO how many times have you been around a group of 1000 people? *hint, never*. MMOs use tricks to achieve a massive number of players, even if it seems its all one single world there are several servers, each hosting a part of the world so if you were to try to get 1000 people in one spot you would overload the server hosting that part of the world. I'm not saying it's impossible but you'd see a lot of people getting disconnected and staff intervention.

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