EA CCO: Consoles Should Stop Demanding Too Much From Players

Speaking at D.I.C.E. Europe, EA Chief Creative Officer Richard Hilleman admitted that the console industry has demanded too much of its players and that this is why gamers are now turning over to space for their gaming entertainment.

"We've asked for too much time, too much skill, and too much money, sometimes all at once," he said.

"Customers today... are generally looking for a single fabric of play. They want their game where they want it, when they want it, and at a price they can defend to other people."

According to EA's research, mobile games hold attention for 90 seconds on average. This number goes up to 90 minutes on PC and a whole two hours on consoles. "Once I get your butt on a couch, I can get two hours for sure. That granularity means I cannot build the same game on every platform. I cannot build Battlefield on every platform," asserted Hilleman.

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"We've asked for too much

"We've asked for too much time, too much skill, and too much money, sometimes all at once," ------- I'm sorry but have you seen the price that EA are charging for BF4 on Origin for the digital deluxe version? And the cost of the premium content, which requires the base game? ------- BF4 itself cost £55 and then the premium pack will cost you another £40 on top. In total that would cost 1 potential customer £95 (or about $154 for our US cousins) for one game. And this guy has the audacity to say that they're asking for too much money? ------ I'd love to know who's **** he's had his head up because the money side of it alone has been a massive problem for years. Especially from EA.

I don't really understand why

I don't really understand why these so-called "professionals" think that a stupid test on a small control audience really makes such broad suggestions about gamer habits. I don't play on my phone cause the games are ****, I rarely play my 360 and when I do it is usually just an hour or so because I suck at sticks, and I play games on my PC for well over 4 hours each day. STFU EA, your drunk.

Well at least he admitted to

Well at least he admitted to one right thing...EA charge too much for their **** games. Seriously all these so called Directors, CEO's, CCO's should really learn to STFU and stop trying to guess what gamers want or make excuses for the crap that they put out.


It's totally backwards for me, I end up playing my 360 for less time than i do my phone, and my phone considerably less than my pc. So go ********** !

i agree

its like Idiocracy with most gamers, it hurts to think i guess. Because of those no skill level players that i get suspended. apparently i'm to aggressive if i'm not a sitting target.

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