GTA Online Stability Problem Continues. Rockstar Disables Microtransactions

Four days after GTA Online launched on October 1st, and the game is still suffering from severe performance and stability problems.

As such, Rockstar was forced to disable microtransactions in GTA Online until a permanent solution is developed. The company is also maintaining a public list of current and fixed issues on its official blog.

Rockstar has never developed a multiplayer game on that scale, so launch troubles were expected. In fact a lot of blockbuster multiplayer games suffer from launch day connection and server load problems, but those are usually ironed out within a day or two.

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Any game that contains a Micro Transaction offering no matter what the game title may be will no longer get my money. I will no longer purchase games like these that try and take real money for fake in game add-ons. I stopped gaming on Tablets for this same reason. 70% of the games on tablets end up having massive rip off type transactions throughout the game. The average tablet game could require you to spend hundreds of dollars in order to finish a game. The same games or better can be played free on a pc so screw Micro transactions as most of them are rip offs and go well beyond paying $60 for a usual title.

Just tried it last night Oct. 3rd:

On my PS3, it's great if you've got buddies with mics and some patience (and that aren't lame), the experience was satisfying. Did mostly closed friends session, however the main online with open world to 'everyone' does have its wait times\load time and noticeable lag. Also, jumping out of events back to the world without losing your party is still a bit clunky (if not broken). Side note: RS clearly trimmed the graphics down in the mp, but it still looks good IMO.

I gave the multi-player 40

I gave the multi-player 40 min if my time before I gave up on it on Oct 1st. (Went back to BF4 Beta) I haven't given it a second try since. In the opening sequence of the multi-player in GTA V, they make it clear that cash is everything, and seeing as you can spend real money to get in game cash I hardly see the point of playing it now. You would spend all your time playing and saving your in game cash to buy something cool, only to have a 12 year old with his parents credit card buy the same or better fake crap. I mean what's the point? It's like in Battlefield 4, if EA starts selling short cut bundles like they do with BF3 it will turn me right off. (Well, I could understand the short cut bundles after the game has been out for over a year, but not before then.) Anyway, I'm not a fan of pay to win... and I didn't expect the GTA Online launch to go smooth either.

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