Infinity Ward admits CoD players aren't gamers


In a revelation that isn't news to anyone, but is interesting to hear from the horse's mouth, Infinity Ward producer Mark Rubin said in an interview with OXM, that he doesn't think there will be any big changes with the next-generation of Call of Duty games. Why? Because the fans of the game aren't hardcore gamers.

"It's kind of a weird, ironic thing to say," Rubin said "They aren't hardcore gamers, or even gamers, but they play Call of Duty every night. And those guys are going to continue to play regardless of platform. So I think not only will we continue to engage with that existing player base, but we'll take next gen and see how far we can go with it."

He didn't go as far as to describe them as casual gamers, but we know what he's talking about. I'm sure we all have friends with Xbox 360s and PS3s and the only real games they buy them for are Call of Duty and FIFA - or for you Americans, your comparable sports title.

Compare that to the average PC gamer, who may play a lot of League of Legends, but chances are they have experience in RTS games, or puzzlers, perhaps a few shooters thrown in the mix. Likewise a lot of console gamers are multi-faceted, but there's definitely a veneer of console casuals that stick to the jock-like titles: sports and the blockbuster shoot'em ups without much of a skill curve.

Ultimately Rubin said, Infinity Ward can't change that much about Call of Duty, or it would end up alienating its players base.

Not too surprising a revelation, but what do you guys make of it?

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" Rubin said "They aren't hardcore gamers, or even gamers, but they play Call of Duty every night. And those guys are going to continue to play regardless of platform. So I think not only will we continue to engage with that existing player base, but we'll take next gen and see how far we can go with it." - Translation: COD "gamers" arent gamers, they are retarded little kids up to the age of 15 who's brains are still undeveloped for more challenging things. furthermore we have been selling the same sh!t for the last 5 years and these morons keep buying, so why the hell shall we change anything. October = Copy November = Paste = Job done = $$$$$$$

The problem

See it is a problem, because when they get their hands on CoD, it appeals to their lizard brains just like sugar water, the same techniques pop music uses. Then when someone like me, who can in good faith say they are a gamer, tried to introduce them to something good, so I can have someone to share those games with, they think they already know what they like. "Meh Fallout werr's quickscope an balistic knife this game aren't hardcore without 'reallife' milspec liek in CoD lolol." And it keeps on happening. CoD is the dollar cheeseburger of video games.

Whatever earns.

If it makes the scrilla, why stop? If people wanna pay for shit, let 'em pay for shit. I bet the government likes it too, thinking it helps recruit more robotic cannon fodder for future conquest missions.

Most players are not gamers

Most players are not gamers they are mindless drones due to games coming out where they got to satisfy a retards that cant use their own brain to think to solve a simple puzzle turning the rest into drones. Tired of retards flagging me because they suck. Facking panic when they see you dashing towards them.

Holy fk? You only need to

Holy fk? You only need to learn a measly two languages? Lucky as hell. I had to learn several to even be ON LINE to graduate. German, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, and French, and Chinese. Also, I had to attend seminars, stuff you actually need to survive in the current generation. Like what are Tax Liens, how to chose what "type" of retirement fundI would want. All when I was 15. So before you come here with that lame crap to bish about. Actually let yourself have a proper education. And I had no grades. I either passed. Or failed. Or in lame man's terms. You get an A+, or you are kicked out from school. (With no tuition refund either).

Where are you from?

Who gives a fuck you retard I have lived in europe and believe me you fuckers aren't as brilliant as you believe yourselves to be , Furthermore I find it funny that you so called gamers are dissing ppl that play fps. I apologize for having a life , having sex and making better use of my tim. You should try dislocating your ass from the chair advert your eyes from the screen and maybe watch some porn cause we all know that's the only way you will ever catch a glimpse of pussy.


lol, and where did all that inteligence get you?? argument on a game forum? You nerd i bet you done all that work and you still live and probbly cant get a respectable job in a shithole that your from.

"at this rate CoD will turn

"at this rate CoD will turn into what Nintendo is these days" - lol, really? Nintendo releases the same games for each console, CoD is released several times for the same consoles. Observation is not one of your strong points i gather.

You don't need to hold a

You don't need to hold a degree in english (linguistics? literature? cultural studies? fake accents? Tell me, in your small mind what the fuck is a "degree in english" - that's actually the dumbest thing I've read all week and I've been brushing up on utilitarian and consequentialist philosophy) to have a grasp of the most basic level of grammar, you just need to have scraped past third grade.

We all knew this, I'm not

We all knew this, I'm not upset really. CoD is a great blockbuster rollercoaster (when it plays smoothly enough). I'm not big into the online play typically but the campaign for the Modern Warfare series was awesome, their take on WW3 was truly chilling because it was so close to real I don't think a lot of people realized that was the war you were fighting. Is it innovative and 'new'? No, but someone has to carry the torch of what the standard is, when a new group goes to make an FPS they have to look at CoD and go "Ok, how can we do something totally mind blowing compared to this?" And that's not a low standard to try to beat.

It's an extremely low

It's an extremely low standard actually. Yearly rehashes are the lowest of low in gaming. Even if you're talking about graphics CoD was never and never will be a benchmark game like Crysis because devs have no time to produce optimized code.

who cares

to me a hardcore gamer is the type of person who knows everything about everything and own at min. 1 of everything but only why that can happen is if your rich and still rich ppl not really gamers I hate to say it but their to busy showing off things that don't really matter I for one can call less if your a gamer or hardcore just a hour a day kind of player the point is ppl play games just to have fun or past the time me I don't care bout cod to many kids playing and after hearing lil 8yr old saying F+++ you or stuff like that their really no point in putting up with it plus cod really take no skills what so ever to play it aim and shoot wow that really hard and don't for get the modder who cheat their way to the leaderbords but who cares right the point is if you like it by it if you don't don't not like their holding a gun to u and say buy my game or else a lot of games out their take no skills to even play so even a 2yr could play most of them in the end ppl will aways call them self a gamer or even hardcore what make a gamer a gamer is the fun they can have playing it I enjoy everything from rpg to mmo and fps but point is who cares so what they say your not a gamer if you play cod or what ever just ask your self do I like games and their you go your some kind of gamer let see how many ppl will trash talk this comment just because they think im right or wrong I for one don't care what you think im a gamer I enjoy all type of games and yes I play for hours and all day and night if I can stay up just to play and I think about games all the time and I go to gamestop just to look at games and talk with ppl bout games and see what they think bout games yea some same a game suck but turn out good or say it good and turn out to suck but I don't care anyone can be a gamer in some way just keep in mind a gamer will always say your not a gamer but as long you having fun who cares right

Lol that was one nice long

Lol that was one nice long sentence with a lot of mistakes. Well first, you obviously don't play anything if you believe it doesn't take skill. But hey, idiots say thing like that all the time. Do yourself a favor, the next time you feel the need to express your gem of an opinion... Don't. You just make yourself sound retarded.


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