Star Citizen on PC challenges next-gen consoles

Roberts Space Industries' Star Citizen is a year away from release and it's already throwing down the gauntlet and slapping the next-gen consoles with its white glove, as its visuals are simply stunning.

Watch this new trailer for a real taste of what the next-generation of not only consoles could one day offer, but what the PC has in store for gamers over the next couple of years.

The video is a faux-advert for the Hornet space craft, showing off its offensive, defensive and manoeuvring capabilities in a couple of quick dogfights while flying through an asteroid field.

Throughout we're shown the detailed exterior and interior of the ship, with its impressive animations for spinning gun barrels, little displays that fold out from the side of the ship to tell you about collision detection, missile lock ons and power outputs of your various engines.

It's all very exciting purely on a gameplay level, but the visual details steal the show and make you wish for a few hundred bucks extra so you could get yourself ready for the game when it's released in November next year. Your rig and your pants are going to need it.

Oh and you'll want a 4k monitor too, because this game natively supports that resolution and you can even watch the trailer like that if you have four 1080p screens or one of those ultra expensive native 4k displays that have just started hitting the top end of mainstream.

Just in-case you were wondering too, this was all rendered in-engine in real time. You might need a monster setup to handle it, but it is doable on today's hardware - which means it'll be that bit easier in November 2014.

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Alright, I have seen this

Alright, I have seen this last video. I will retire what I said once I see it running in real time and with a few more ships flying around that hell with this, Im going oculus rift, surround sound and the best money can buy when this is released. Life can wait for a few months.

Of course other engines shine

Of course other engines shine brighter in many areas these days but that key engine design element has set it apart during all of these years. Its as simple as asking yourself where you want the triangles, freelancer went for an even distribution between space, ships and other objects. On contrast, every other and I mean every other 3d space piloting game decided to place more triangles on ships and objects, failed to create equations to auto generate environmental geometry or simply didn't put effort in the editor. They guys behind the engine also made use of a mad number of tricks as to gain even more efficient use of geometry and textures on that scale. Meaning, the rest of space games look lifeless because space itself is lifeless and they are never designed with this in mind while space in freelancer is fun, as it should be for a game. This combined with a varied art team that just hit the nail in the use of colours and varied system styles. I have no doubt that this engine will be better in many ways but unless they build it in a certain way, it isn't going to capture that space awe you feel in freelancer. Its like saying X3 looks better than freelancer and consumes far more, well, as a whole, it doesn't look better and it consumes even more without giving you the epic battles you get in freelancer. It just doesn't make you feel. And now, I will get nostalgic, the game consumes far more than that and if you mod it you are looking into 2000 to 3000 MHz and a gig of ram, the more stuff the more ram you also need on the 3d card. It was a system hog and still is a system hog if you are stuck with systems of those years. Its an anachronistic engine and proof of it is that slightly updated its the best looking space game created until this one possibly surpasses the finesse that the engine I love has.

Freelancer had and still has

Freelancer had and still has untill I see this engine the best space faring engine ever created up untill this day and excuse me if I have my doubts about this one considering its not the same engine programmer. I have seen the videos of this engine and let me tell you it has failed to achieve the number one selling point for the Freelancer engine, which was efficient space debris that made space look actually full of stuff and not just some empty space with a few planets and stars in the background or two or three asteroids. When you entered an asteoid field in Freelancer, you really went into one. It has never been redone and space has never felt the same even with "better" engines. This one looks good but I doubt it will beat the original which was also a PC exclusve title. Im also worried about the sound department. Sound these days is getting irrelevent and very low quality compared to what Im used to getting in the Creative era. Freelancer had three or four different composers and an awesome sound engine, another prime point for space games. For now, I only see them yell about high poly oculus rift and the same stuff they promised us when Freelancer was to be released. Im not jumping the wagon yet even though I love Freelancer sometimes more than my wife.

Just so we are clear, you

Just so we are clear, you believe that the game Freelancer (From 2003) which required windows 98, Pentium 600MHz Processor, 128MB RAM 900MB Hard Disk Space, and a 16MB 3D Accelerated Video Card will deliver a better space sim experience then Star Citizen? I think you maybe a little nostalgic.

ANY game which needs more

ANY game which needs more than a gamepad challenges consoles, next-gen or otherwise ... Ever wonder why PC ports to consoles were never hits? Didja ever even hear there were PS1 versions of X-com, Simcity-2000, Crusader no-remorse, Wing-commander-3/4, Mechwarrior-2, Quake-2 ... etc? The stupidity of marketing these next-gen consoles as all-round media-centers & web-browsers without supporting keyboard & mice ...


Also if your ship has a docking collar and the enemy ship has a docking collar you can disable the enemy ships engines and shields, tractor the ship in and dock with it and then you can board the other ship and kill its crew to take the ship for yourself. There are some ships dedicated to boarding actions. Im an eve bitter vet myself and SC is nothing like Eve, in look, feel, design or gameplay.

for look, probably just as

for look, probably just as good if not better. for play, eve is clicking on stuff and waiting and star citizen is a fps where you control a person, take off and land from space stations, walk around in the station, and fly ships using a joystick or god forbid a keyboard to control your ship and aim in real time at targets, getting out of your chair and walking around your ship, having multi seat ships with pc's or npc's for various gunner turrets, entering a fighter in a larger ships cargo hold to take off, you name it

YAY Finally

Finally, so glad to see this game popping up in gaming news websites. You can still pledge money to gain access to the game, 40 dollar pledge gets you alpha access, beta access and the full game and all contents. They have already released the Hangar module and we can walk around our hangars and get in to the ships we got with our pledges. In december the dogfighting module comes out and we can finally take our ships out in to space and fly around and fight each other. Then the planetary and economy side of the game becomes available in january/febuary, Alpha from april, Beta from November and full game release early 2015! This game already looks stunning and its not even made properly yet. Pledge some money and support the game.

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