John Carmack Is Doubtful Of Steam OS And Steam Machines

Id Software co-founder John Carmack isn't convinced that Valve's Steam OS and Steam Machines will be a success. On the other hand, the famous graphics engines developer admits that his past predictions regarding Valve's capabilities have been especially wrong.

"There's an interesting kind of retrospective on it," he said during NVidia’s Montreal conference.

For example, when Valve approached Id Software in 2004 to have Doom 3 as one of Steam's launch titles, "[Carmack] basically said, 'Are you crazy? This would be nuts to try to kind of tie yourselves to this little, notional digital distribution platform.' But clearly, Valve has played a good, strong, long game."

Nonetheless, Carmack still believes that Valve has bit more than it can chew with Steam OS and Steam Machines.

"I'm afraid that I may be at that same point right now where I'm like, 'Making your own sort of little console OS? Are you crazy?' And, you know, maybe 10 years from now, they're going to look like brilliant prophets again with it," he said.

"It still seems a little bit dicey to me, getting everything moved over to Linux, pushing from that side of things. Still, Valve's track record is evidence that the company may just be able to pull it off. If it was some other random company, I would be pseudo-scornful, but it's Valve, so I'm not."

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Yeah! Let's let steam become

Yeah! Let's let steam become to new platform for gaming, after-all they've brought us the likes of 'LIST THE LAST 100 TOP SELLERS' ZZZzzz ******* dog **** titles. Gaming nowadays sucks balls keep handing those useless developers your hard earned cash, it keeps their bong alight.


So Carmack was wrong before & considering he's obviously been clueless about video gaming since the original Doom, he's probably wrong again. Props to him for admitting it.

The thing i like most about

The thing i like most about the potential of the Steam OS is that it may finally be the chance to move away from Windows in order to play games. --- It has the potential to become a desktop OS as well as for their own hardware. --- The only thing that Steam needs to do is work on an API so that games do not rely on the DirectX architecture. --- If Valve can create their own then developers may switch over to it. Especially if the costs for licensing the API is less than Microsofts. ----- Lets see what happens in the near future.

Well, the cost of licensing

Well, the cost of licensing DirectX is literally zero, developing hardware-agnostic graphics frameworks and API's and getting it to have the same level of optimisation form chipset manufacturers as OpenGL/DirectX have is going to be an immense challenge with no budget. Especially considering that we already have OpenGL and now Mantle which are both also free...

I laugh whenever I read post

I laugh whenever I read post about little guy with huge complex trying to look smart on the internet to boost their little ego. Valve made the test and after a few weeks their games already ran faster on linux than windows.. get over it and swallow little boy.

Ace up it's sleeve...

I believe the brilliance of Valve's plan is that you can stream you existing Windows game library through it. Play your existing games... buy new games for either OS... start to gather of collection of Linux games, while not loosing your existing Win games. Brilliant way to start a transition from Win to Lin. Any without having to buy a Steam Box... simply build a Steam OS system from an old PC ... which I'm sure we all have around. And, of course, the OS is free. Now, can Lin / Steam OS actually play games faster than overbloated Win? If so, that will turn gamers towards it. And, once 4K TVs start coming out and PC (and Steam OS) support that resolution... and the 'new' consoles don't.... hmmmm.... bye bye consoles? Just a few thoughts.

Overbloated windows.. LOL.

Overbloated windows.. LOL. Alright well though i don't like windows too much, linux isn't anything special either. And though games are supported by linux not all games are supported. And i'm pretty sure the Linux that will be running these Steam machines will be far greater then if you just put it together yourself. Hence why i don't think this is anything special. Valve has a way of doing things that are successful. Unfortunately i see this as a failure in due time, it will sell a few million and then die out.

" And i'm pretty sure the

" And i'm pretty sure the Linux that will be running these Steam machines will be far greater then if you just put it together yourself" - Huh? You claim this to be the reason you don't think linux is anything special, yet your statement makes no sense. Linux doesn't run machines, machines run linux. Even if you consider that and assume it was just a small mistake on your part the following assumption that the linux in steam machines will be far greater(???, i assume you mean better) than if you build it yourself is silly. It's linux (open source), valve already said they'll be releasing the source code and they'll probably offer binary distributions because they know most gamers wont bother learning how to setup a project and dependencies just to compile the source. All in all, the linux running in steam machines will be the very same you can download and install in any other pc, sp your argument renders itself invalid.

What about the games?

It's fine and dandy that Valve is coming out with it's own console but please bring out some games. It's been years since any Half-Life game has come out. I just hope it's worth the wait for Half-Life 3. I am strictly PC so a Valve console does not interest me one bit, but if your into consoles it might be worth a look. To be honest Carmack and Valve suck because of the lack of games they bring out, I hope the next gen cycle will fix that.

the title is a bit misleading

the title is a bit misleading, he clearly shows alot of respect to Valve. This is the next logical step for this company: first they implemented a distribution platform, not they want an OS. The good news is that you should have much more ressources from your system running on a dedicated gaming OS than you'd have on your windows partition! Also the OS comes from a company that makes games, not one that has a xbox to sell so you are sure that the API won't try to slow you down to make it on par with a crappy console.

Windows is ****

I know I am not alone when I say most hardcore PC gamers hate the Windows OS and would MUCH rather have a linux OS. But as hardly any games actually work natively on linux without ******** around with wine, and even then they don't really work, so we are virtually forced to use the now bloated POS that is Windows. Microsoft are doing everything wrong, forcing you to get their latest OS for direct x support so you can play the latest games. Dirty bastards. I cant wait to see game devs giving support to linux, and I congratulate steam for trying to make this happen. This WILL be huge.

I wouldn't say windows is a

I wouldn't say windows is a bloated POS. It works, and for the most part a company is out to make money, not go bankrupt. We all can thank Apple for how Microsoft does business these days. And though i hate windows 8 with a passion, i won't ever submit to the POS linux. tried it, nothing special about it. When 90% of my games aren't supported and not to mention what about all the hardware. Windows will remain king of the desktop for a long time to come, i might even be dead and linux will still remain where its at today. Steam machines will not gain any ground in terms of future proofing. It will come and it will go.

If you look at linux as a

If you look at linux as a user/layman you'll see nothing special about it, only downsides due to lack of support from gaming related companies. It's what's under the hood that makes linux so special, with valve developing their own distro specifically for games things might change. Nvidia for one already made a pro linux statement soon after steam os was unveiled.

ps: Steam machines are meant

ps: Steam machines are meant to work like consoles, no upgrades (future proofing is a stupid term and should never be used when talking about technology because things change/improve so quickly). But if you want a machine that can keep up with each gen you can just build a pc and install steam os in it then hook it to your living room tv.

I was skeptical about steam

I was skeptical about steam when it first came out so I can see carmacks POV I mean I would prefer not to have to run a third party program for my games but if I have to steam is the only good choice I think the reason steam isn't universally hated is because it is every one got used to it eventually. the chat overlay is kinda neat though. the main reason I am not keen on SteamOS is because I use my pc for applications that will never make it to steamOS so I am going to have to run some kind of dual boot system instead of being able to switch seamlessly between my applications which will be especially annoying on my laptop which I use for Master CAM at work and Gaming at friends houses, also I tried to run a distro of linux for a media pc and the **** thing wouldn't access my media files from my Other pc, I had better luck with a MAC which I got sick of using and started using it for an archery target instead.

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