Sony Is Trying To Silence News About Beyond: Two Souls Nudity

Reports coming from multiple entertainment sites indicating that Sony is asking them to pull down news pieces regarding a debug option that allows the player to change the camera and reveal a detailed nude version of Beyond: Two Souls' main character during a shower scene.

Jodie, Beyond: Two Souls' main character is based on Ellen Page.

The steps to unlock the game's debug menu and enable free camera mode were revealed by Reddit user dgmockingjay. This option is intended to the game's developers and testers and it cannot be enabled on a regular PlayStation 3. Nonetheless, was able to access it using a modded PS3.

So far, we confirmed that Cinema Blend has received a pull down request from Sony America and that Eskimo Press has received a similar request from Sony Europe.

"The images are from an illegally hacked console and is very damaging for Ellen Page. It's not actually her body," a Sony Representative told Cinema Blend. "I would really appreciate if you can take the story down to end the cycle of discussion around this."

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Huh? Really?

We're all gonna get all ****** up over some digi-***** again? **** of Phony. "Illegally" hacked console? Illegal where? Just 'cuz you claim something was against the law don't make it "wrong" & don't mean it can't or shouldn't be reported. How is it "damaging" to Ellen Page? She's an overpaid less than necessary "employee" of a first world nation & she'll continue to be after this little stint as well. WTF's the big problem? If anyone doesn't like what's goin' on, they shoulda taken better precautions. Hackers gonna hack. Good on 'em for it.


I find it funny all you kids are posting about nude ****... ITS NUDITY... why the **** are you all so *OMG OMG THERE NUDE* its the natural way of things... ******* grow up you sniveling snot nose brats!

Visual artists typically work

Visual artists typically work with fully nude base models in order to master the natural form before adding clothes, armor, etc. Some artists make it a point to reproduce the full anatomy since it both shows off their skills (sexual organs are difficult to accurately model) and makes the base model more detailed so that clothing, etc. accurately drapes the body. Sexless barbie doll base models are looked down upon for these very reasons. Nothing sordid or obsessive about it. Visual artists appreciate and master reproducing the human form as part of their ordinary work.

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