HBO covers League of Legends for Real Sports

HBO has lent a new level of legitimacy to Esports and specifically League of Legends, by covering it for its Real Sport segment, that claims to look at the action, behind the action. Described by the host as: "spawned by the fact that sports have changed dramatically, that it's no longer just fun and games, and that what happens off the field, beyond the scores, is worthy of some serious reporting," Real Sports took a look at Esports, and took to task some of the stereotypes behind pro gaming.

While unfortunately the segment kicks off by drawing a comparison between the professional players and "nerds," "shut-ins," and people that rarely "step into the real world," it quickly looks to dispel your average American's view of the game and its competitive side. It highlights how more people worldwide play League of Legends than Baseball, how fans of the game can easily fill the Staples Center for the world championships and that tickets for said show, were sold out in under an hour.

Heading to Riot Games' headquarters, the reporter hooks up with a few members of staff and asks them questions about the game and its growth. On top of "Redbeard," telling her that the company had seen growth in the thousands of per cent in just the last few years, it was also revealed that League of Legends pro games draw more viewers than the average game in the NHL. Not just one or two more either, but four times as many.

But it's not all about Riot, but Esports as a whole. MLG - Major League Gaming - is featured, including broadcaster and commenter, Chris Puckett, who even gets a little emotional when discussing how nobody believed in the project to begin with.

One of the more interesting parts, is the latter portion of the report, which highlights amateur teams that are working away trying to become the next professionals. It's a big gamble with a lot of effort on everyone's parts.

Svpernaut over at Youtube was good enough to record it and stick it online. It might not be there forever, so check it out while you can.

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USA Getting More Retarded

For reals? We f$%@ up the meaning of hero, and now we're f#$@ing up the meaning of sports? Call it competitive, championship, but please don't f#$@ing call it sports. Sports is very physical! Computer gaming barely has anything physical related to it other than moving the mouse and typing on the keyboard! Retards!!!


An "athlete" ain't some obese fat *** that sweats grease at rest sitting in front of a computer. Playing a game sitting at a table, is not a "sport". Get the **** off of it. I'm all for sending hockey, baseball, golf, ASSCAR, boxing, MMA & football right down the toilet where they belong. But replace it with better ****. Bring in the FMX, FMB, BMX, FSX, rally, trials & ******' parkour & ****. The real ****. Where the real talent is & the real athletes are.

you forgot basketball.. the

you forgot basketball.. the dumbest professional sport which consist of dropping a big brown ball into a stupid static basket every 15 seconds or so. They should broadcast live deadmatch of counter strike (with paint not bullet!) instead, that would make em move at least :)

In simple term

in simple term, it's called laziness ! instead of doing a real sport that can make your muscles move, your calling LoL a sport ? give me a break I'm one of the daily player of LoL ! It's fun and nice to challenge your friend with.,but not a sport !!

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