PlayStation 4 Requires Day One Update To Enable Core Features

Looks like Xbox One won't be the only next-gen console requiring a hefty day one update to enable core features.

According to Sony, PlayStation 4 too will require a 300 MB update on launch day to enable the following features:

• Remote Play using PlayStation Vita
• Second screen gaming using PS4 Link app for PlayStation Vita and smartphones
• Screenshots and video sharing
• Ustream and Twitch apps
• The ability to play games while they are being downloaded
• The ability for four users to log into the PS4 simultaneously
• Party chat
• Facial recognition and voice commands
• Background music player
• Online multiplayer through PlayStation Plus
• Blu-ray disc and DVD player capabilities

Additionally, the suspend/resume ability which allows users to put PS4 in standby mode to save power will be enabled through a subsequent system update that won't be available on the console's November 15th launch date.

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Console Versus PC

Consoles are for people who want to be sociable and play with friends. PCs are entirely bad *** for gaming if you have the money to blow for upgrades but builds a barrier around you and all your friends.

Of course you can do more

Of course you can do more with a PC its a ******* personal computer but so what? The PC is totally ******* antisocial. When was the last time you played against a REAL friend/mate sat only feet away? Consoles are pick up and put down and so gaming is much more social when your mates are around. as most are situated at desks with screens no bigger than 26 inch its a lonely, undoubtedly in the corner of the room or in a office / room. Dont get me wrong, I have mine hooked up to a 42" and use 360 controller and know a few more will, but I bet most dont.

Weak argument but good try!

Weak argument but good try! Console hardware is where the problem lies, why is it companies spend so much time making people believe consoles are based on PC hardware? That's like saying an aircraft industry that builds planes for commercial flights now has a competitor in the private jet business. I'll tell you why because consoles suck, they suck because their 60% service driven and most games don't even make full use of the hardware.

If you were the head if valve

If you were the head if valve we'd still be stuck with physical disks in this day and age. 300 isnt hefty its a small download for proper connections and just one more reason for poor countries to spend some money in internet infrastructure instead of soccer or corruption.

Bravo :-)

Bravo :-) 300Mb is **** all in this day and age. Besides, it will be able to download it in the background. If no net, you cant use the updated features until your plugged in. Not the end of the ******* world.

what is

Consoles def: A cheap pc without any freedom bundled with monthly fees to play expensive-simplistic games without modding capabilities. Games are made to be played with your bare thumbs and legions of "fanboys" are a part of the console folklore to argue which of their restrictive/limited hardware is the "coolest".

clap, clap, clap.

Thank you sir for your wise words there. PC will always own consoles. The restrictions are not there on PC as they are on consoles. How you build your PC is how it will be utilized. Last time i checked PC stands for Personal Computer. I have a nice gaming rig, hooked to my 42", have controllers accessable to it to include X-Arcade controller for my fighting games. So there are a few console exclusives, but im seeing more and more console games ported over with enhancements and guess what......mods!!!!! Wheeee!!!!! Im in no rush for this next gen consoles with my PC literally blowing those stats out the water and mines under $600. Could care less for Kinect, no need to pay for online multiplayer, many huge titles will be on PC so im set. no need to say im a fanboy, PC is much more convenient. i own all the systems as of current and i work hard and by no means am i rich, so i earned all this. Ive always kept my options open, PC has just met my needs more often than consoles. Wanna play mario, boom, ill warm up the wii U. Beyond Two Souls, GTAV.....PS4 is handy for that. Feeling goofy as **** and got a little party going, bust out with the Kinect and drinks and its a hell of a night busting our ***** and getting some good laughs. PC covers a broad range of games, consoles have their specific uses. Enough of the bashing and to each there own. If u got the money, do what u want thats gonna make u happy.

oh dears, my life is ruined.

oh dears, my life is ruined. this will take like 10 minutes. unacceptable. everyone in the known universe has high speed nowadays. if you dont you can even use your **** phone to create an internet.. just get unlimited data then download from there. i am over it. are you? people ***** like this is gonna be the only patch for ps4 ever


And people cry that xbox needed an internet connection, looks like you can't use your ps4 if you don't have internet! (not sure why anyone this day in age wouldn't have internet, or why an always online connection requirement would be a problem, but ppl sure cried about it) So suck on this Sony fanboys who cried wolf over Xbox connection, even though you weren't going to get an xbox anyways so why were you complaining about it????)

Awwww just another Xbox one

Awwww just another Xbox one fan having a meltdown on the net, nothing new there. You cant compare the two as Its not the same at all. You don't need to be on line daily, its an update which provides SOME of the features Sony promissed in their presentation thats all. Its not needed to actually play or use the console.

this is why, i take my

this is why, i take my playstation with me to work, which is out in the middle of the bush with nothing around you but a bunch of trailer buildings and a barbed wire fence gate, like a jail. no internet at all, satellite tv in a common area. the only good thing is the mass amounts of cash i make there. requiring an internet connection to play an offline game would probably make me sell the **** thing. after two to 3 weeks i get time off, can do whatever for updates.

People had a problem

People had a problem with the always on line to even play single player games. Anyone that has ever had a game console knows you need a Internet connection to get updates so your rant is pointless. I have never cared for PlayStation because I hate the game pads compared to XBOX, but this time I really do think the PlayStation will be better just for gaming, but later on when the XBOX comes down in price I'll buy one for my living room because it really does have some cool stuff to offer.

Im new to this argument but

Im new to this argument but it intrigues me you think anyone owning previous xbox's and now not buying the xbox one is a sony fan boy. Stop the ******* generalizations, Ive owned all playstations and all xboxs launched so far but have no intentions of buying an overpriced, underpowered gimmick ridden (Kinnect and tv input) console? Not that I will rushing for the PS4 until infamous second son gets launched.

It's so typical

It's so typical that someone that can't argue against with what someone has to say so they call them a fanboy. I said I was going to buy both. So get over it, it's not my fought you can't.

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