Assassin's Creed IV email hints at future game locations

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag may only have been out for a couple of days, but intrepid gamers have already done a whole load of digging into it and discovered some hidden secrets that hint at where the series might go next.

There are some mild spoilers to follow, so if you haven't played the game to your heart's content yet, don't read on.

In the modern day section of the game, where you're messing with your fellow Abstergo employees' emails, you may stumble across one discussing the current capabilities of Desmond - you - and whether he has enough family memories to sustain further digital products - referencing the Assassin's Creed franchise.

In the email, there are several potential future locations listed, they are:

  • Holy Land/Crusades - twelfth century
  • Egypt and Northern Africa - thirteenth century
  • Ashikaga Shogunate in Japan - fourteenth century
  • Italian Renaissance - fifteenth century
  • Ottoman Empire - fifteenth century
  • American Colonies / War of Independence - eighteenth century
  • French Revolution - eighteenth century
  • Napoleonic wars; Taiwan - nineteenth century
  • New England and American Midwest - nineteenth century
  • "Summer of Love" American Pacific Coast - twentieth century

Some of these have been covered in previous Assassin's Creed games, or have been hinted at in relation to the lives of relatives of protagonists. Some of them also seem unlikely to be used - the Summer of Love for example - since they might involve vehicles, which Ubisoft itself has said it doesn't want to bring into the series.

Which of those locations do you guys like the sound of the most? I'd quite like to see one of Desmond's ancestors facing off against some Samurai, to see who really is the best with a blade.

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wait, why dont make a game in

wait, why dont make a game in which u can switch to a diff ancestor ? not just one specific ancestor, just like how in 3, we at 1st play as Haytham, only then connor. they can, why focus on 1 specific ancestor in every game. btw i love how games on console these days get leaked early on the net.

Should of been used already

Everyone can agree with me on this one. They should have had a game in japan with one of the assassins being part of a ninja enclave fighting the Shogunate or some other plot. The possibilities are endless for that era mixed with assassins creed, and it would freshen up the games not being in Europe or the colonies, and or middle east for once.

While you're at it they

While you're at it they should make it on Mars fighting green little creatures, that would freshen up the games not being on earth. There is no genetic correlations with Japanese ancestors unless they use some non-sense ties to cover it up.

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