Microsoft: "Play The Games, Not The Resolution"

Microsoft Studios vice president Phil Spencer believes that gamers and media are overhyping the fact that some Xbox One launch titles will be running at 720p resolution while their PlayStation 4 counterparts are able to run smoothly at 1080p.

"Go look at the games," he argued. "Go play the games and tell us what you think about what they look. Right now, gamers don't have the games to go play. They can't walk into their local store and play the games.

"So, it doesn't really surprise me that they're going to focus on the specs that they can. I don't criticize anyone for doing that. In the end, we play the games, not the resolution."

"In absence of me getting my own Xbox One or PS4 games, I'm going to focus on the meme of the day, which happens to be resolutiongate" he affirmed. "But I think it'll blow over as people get to play the games."

But the fact that some launch titles are running at lower resolution than their PS4 counterparts sure proves that Xbox One is "less powerful" than its competitor. Right? Well, Spencer disagrees.

"Power is a subjective term," he mused. We look at all of the capabilities we put in the box, our investment in cloud, Kinect, and all-in-one entertainment, and our investment in the operating system for fast task-switching."

"We think we've built a very powerful system. I don't think there's any one vector of power that you can focus on and say we win because this number is bigger than that number. It's like a car. Is it horsepower? Is it torque? There's a bunch of things that you look at to see what it's capable of."

"Our proposition with Xbox One starts with the games: we've got a great launch line-up of over 20 games. We've got some great franchises, great third-party relationships. And we've built a system that natively understands you and your entertainment."

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I don't see any rebuttal

I understand power can be subjective, so I will ask one question.. how close on a level does an enemy have to be at 720p to be identifiable, and how close does that friend or enemy have to be at 1080p? OK, 2 questions, but the next is rhetorical... Do you really want to shoot your friend just because all you see is motion at 720p? LOL, that's what I thought... I eagerly await an answer that does not involve the game filtering trigger input when it knows you are pointed at a friend.. that is cheating. Pulling the trigger on a friend should have consequences..

He does have a point.

He does have a point. I mean, how many games have we all played that had wicked graphics but the game was ****? ------ And to contrast that, how many lower quality graphics games have come out of the same time period and have been nothing but a joy to play? ----------------- I've already pre-ordered a PS4 and sometime in the distant future i may consider the XBOne. ----- As it stands now though, i won't purchase one due to the veil that is hanging over it with regards to their possible intentions in bringing back the draconian DRM's and disabling the ability to play used titles. -------- I know they haven't said this was going to happen but they never said it wouldn't either. And the fact that the option for them to do it is still there, it kind of makes me feel uncomfortable.

Just a thought......

Wouldnt it be feasable to redesign the 360 OS on the xbone hardware, make that a downloadable os and have a dual boot option when turning on the xbone? Guess im thinking pc here but isnt that what these consoles are? Anyone remember the ps3 fiasco with them taking away the install other os? This would solve the backwards compatability since these consoles are so advanced and borderline PC. But i may be wrong with this thinking and if anyone could correct me, please do.

It's not just the OS - they

It's not just the OS - they use a different kind of CPU (x86 rather than PowerPC) which means that either the instruction set of the games would need to be translated from PPC into x86 in real-time, which would require hardware more powerful than the XBONE currently uses as well as case-by-case tweaks per game, or the hardware would need to be emulated - ditto. This is why the Wii U and Wii are backward compatible, and the PS2 and PSone - they use the same CPU architecture.

Look, M$ wants to show they

Look, M$ wants to show they don't care about res because the PS4 IS more powerful than the X1. M$ is going to combat that by having more games at start up. So it up to the gamer to choose which console to buy. I would go with the PS4 only because its more reliable. But it could be the X1 has had a bad rap. I would go for the X1 only if I knew it were reliable, because there really is not much of a visual difference between 720p and 1080p in my view.

Remember the joke about Doom

Remember the joke about Doom's character inability to duct tape his flashlight to his shotgun? You can do something about the camera, turn it 180 degrees and it will most likely spy on your wall and your potato-couch conversations about pokemon. With much love <3!

LOL, A while back when 360

LOL, A while back when 360 and PS4 consoles were being compared to PC's, console player would argue that gameplay matters, not graphics. Now I see fanboys taking it all back and saying that it actually matter. **** dudes, get your **** together. Thankfully, I have enough $ to pay for having PC settings.

he is a muppet

The whole next gen is build around next gen graphics. That's it. You can argue, but graphics does actually add abit to gameplay and it sure is fun to see a nice looking game. They are in serious denial. I am not a fan boy, but will be getting a PS4 due to it's longevity. I had a Xbox 360 and it was the better console, but I do admit, near the end PS3 games really started to pick up and had amazing graphics. Now for the "the resolution doesn't matter and FPS also". If not, stick to the Xbox 360. It is perfectly capable of running current gen graphics and as microsoft is saying "play game not resolution". Use Xbox 360 for that, you dont need amazing next gen graphics. The entire standard for next gen should be 1080p at 30FPS AT LEAST, and 60FPS should be the standard. That being said, X1 does have some nice games franchises, but since X1 is already being pushed to limit, I dont wanna see it in 2/3 years.

We play the games AT the resolution

Please, M$ just wants to downplay everything about their console that is below that of the Ps4. "We play the games, not the resolution" F**king *** hat, people are focusing because this CoD fiasco shows that on launch day your console isn't as powerful as the Ps4, this means the Ps4 has greater overall potential to bring better gaming to the people long run for the consoles life span. Also it's a big deal because people are expected to pay $100 MORE for a console that runs games at 720p instead of 1080p. Why am I supposed to pay more for less? oh because you want to shove some stupid *** camera down my throat that I DONT WANT instead of giving me a more powerful console capable of REAL next gen gaming? F**k you very much, give me my Steam Box which will SUPPORT 4k gaming.

So now resolution doesnt

So now resolution doesnt matter yet your Forza ad is promoting 1080p lol. M $ are just a bunch of bullshitting hipocrites! I dont give a **** about 1080 or 720 but if xbox already struggling to hit 720 on the launch it doesnt bode well for the hardware. Least with PS4 as the games get more advanced with more detail they can drop the graphics to 720. Xbox one will loose detail or go sub 720 lol

"Go play games, not

"Go play games, not resolution". Yeah but there's a little problem here.. the VERY SAME GAMES are running higher on PS4 so why someone would even think to play THE VERY SAME GAMES on a more expensive hardware bundle with a spying camera on top? I'll tell you who: Michael.

yeah right..

Now according to MS, it's not the most "powerfull" console that matters? Lol i see them trying do degrade Sony so hard in so many ways. God... just accept the fact that you f*cked up this new console. I feel sorry for the Xbox fans; you all deserver better than this greedy MS -.-'

Ill admit it..

Ill be the first to say it, if this was a hurdle race, sony would have been over the finish line before microsoft even got 10 steps into the race.. Sony has blew there **** outta the water so hard/fast/bad. Microsofts PR team has felt *** raped for the last 1/2 year. Xbone will sell, because history proves stupid people really do exists.. in MONUMENTAL numbers. Just look at iphone, point made.. stupid isheep Sony very much looks like they learned from there ps3 launch flop thus far, and took a loooong hard look at what GAMERS want. Look at the ps4 ecosystem, tell me not every gamer finds that intriguing.. look at the xbones ecosystem.. from what ive seen on demos and stuff.. it works, but its nowhere near as entertaining and streamlined as sonys. yes.. i like sony, but sony makes decent ****.. my tv is sony, 2 ps3s, 2 vitas, Vaio laptop, have never had any problems with a single device. know 1-2 people who have had faulty system consoles from sony, have had 40+ xbox disasters alone.

If you're locking yourself to

If you're locking yourself to a single platform you're just as much a sheep as anyone else. Choosing to buy one product over another doesn't make you better than anyone, realizing you're no better than anyone on the other hand, well, that makes you more insightful at least...


Just about everything he said was bullshit up to the last few sentences. That's when I agree that if you enjoyed the the last generation "car" than the system is natively understanding you, and you understand it. At the end of the day the only major thing that matters is the ablility to play the game. Things like resolutions are only good for PC Gamers, and streaming to youtube/twitch. Other than that you wouldn't really see a major difference in gameplay anyways.

you do see the difference, at

you do see the difference, at least i do, however it is quite minor and it wont make the least bit of difference unless you somehow play a side by side comparison of every game. just people being dumb, with nothing better to do than complain, like always.

lol well said, for myself,

lol well said, for myself, same thing. i got a 60 inch tv on my wall in a 15 foot wide 12 foot long living room, it would probably affect my choice if my situation is different, however since ive always had a sony console and they havent done much wrong over the years i am once again getting my playstation next friday.

forgot to mention, the living

forgot to mention, the living room is split, walkway down the middle.. furniture to each side with electronics all over the place... hence me being close to the screen too, maybe 5-6 feet away. think of an arcade. :) backwards compatible ps3, ps1, genesis, snes, dreamcast, 64, PC. it is a very gorgeous sight.

He is correct, it's very

He is correct, it's very silly for console gamers to care about resolution considering they're always playing with outdated gpus. Play the game, leave graphics for people who can spend more than 300 bucks on a system.

It's more like spend more

It's more like spend more than $800 on a gpu, and that's just a single. People put them into double or quad sli, and run multi-monitors. Even resolutions past 1080 with setups like that. So when I say its pretty pointless for consoles it ever so always will be.

No, no, As I said before, he

No, no, As I said before, he is correct. Next gen hasn't even been released yet and it's already behind PC capabilities. It's like buying an old delorean and berating other delorian owners because yours goes 5mph faster, us sports cars owners will shake our just heads while witnessing it.

Val, do us all a favor and

Val, do us all a favor and remove the **** plug from you're *** when you speak to me or anyone else with your posts is in fact the perfect drivel only an idiot like your self would post to cry about something mentally retarded.. Please go cry in a corner since your mother won't buy you call of duty ghosts.

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