Valve Allows Fan Made Half-Life Remake To Be Sold As Retail

Valves has given Half-Life fan remake, Black Mesa, permission to sell the game as a retail product on Steam.

Black Mesa is a re-envision of the original Half-Life. It was put together by fans over the course of several years. The remake was greenlit last year through Steam Greenlight program.

The team will keep the free GreenLight version of the game alongside with the newly approved paid version. Both versions will be more or less identical, whereas the purchasing the paid version is meant only as a way to support the team.

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Too bad something like this couldn't have been worked for MechWarrior Living Legends & shut that horrible MWO piece of **** the **** down.

Valve gets a share of every

Valve gets a share of every sale on steam, far from 50% of course. The thing is, they were actually nice, not many companies would let someone else profit from their intellectual property. Imagine EA or Ubisoft in the same situation, cease and desist, sue, demand both kidneys from each dev.

What an idiot

You're comparing sdks with a game, valve does offer the source sdk for free and that's analogous to udk and cryengine sdk. Some people think simply playing games entitles them to talk about anything related to games, pathetic...


lol are you an idiot? these guys did a fantastic job updating one of the most influential games ever made, as for supporting original mods they have done that plenty does Portal ring any bells? the real complaint you should have is why valve didn't do this them selves.


Hmmm you have a point there never thought about it that way. If there were some sort of Karama system I'd give you rep. Unfortunately I can't you called me an idiot for everything else there's Mastercard.

In case you like FPS and

In case you like FPS and haven't played Black Mesa yet, please do so ASAP. This is the best experience I had since HL2 and from what I've heard I'm not the only one! Can't wait to replay the HL serie on the Oculus VR!

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