Crisis Averted: Xbox LIVE Went Down Right Before Xbox One Launch

With no blinking lights reported yet, looks like Xbox One launch was as smooth as Microsoft hoped.

What most users don't know is that this smooth launch was on the verge of failure and that Xbox team had no hand in starting or ending the crisis.

Less than 6 hours before official Xbox One launch, some of Microsoft's major web sites went down for unknown reasons. Affected sited included,, and – you guessed it – Xbox and Xbox LIVE.

Fortunately for Xbox fans, Microsoft was able to fix the problem merely a couple of hours before the console launched.

Microsoft couldn't identify the reason behind the outage.

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Microsoft did explain what the reason was. there was some sort of DNS error that caused a failure for Azure (Microsoft's cloud platform). The failure only affected Microsoft services and websites (outlook, office365, XBL, etc) and not Other Azure users. There were tweets and other media releases stating this on the Microsoft website. (Most companies post these types of news releases on internal websites so that rumors don't spread wildly)

everyone should quit there

everyone should quit there ******** there are going to be some failures on both side not every console is going to work its the same for everything that comes out you get tvs failing as soon as you plug them in but no one ******* about that all over the net.

Last Gen is the reason for this.

Last Generation is the cause simply because so many people who had 360's had to go through so many systems. Many of the new PS4 fans used to own 360s for this reason, well than and the MS betrayal of the Xbox one reveal. X box 360 had over a 50 percent failure rate and that leaves a bad taste in x box fans mouths who had to spend their own money on the systems.

The 360 argument blows

The 360 argument blows because PS3 specs were simply more beefy. The XBOX One argument though, its laughable in the sense that that both companies are utilizing similar hardware/specs. What fails for console mongers in regards to Xbox One is the fact its unwelcome, its not designed for games as per MS original stance but worst of all has the worst subscription model and hardware failure rate thus far. The PC argument still stands "Consoles? LOL" even to date.

Good argument then TROLL.

I love how PC fanboys always try to wriggle their way into a debate or an argument. The tactic is stale and annoying on all websites. Why was that last line in you comment necessary? It had nothing to do with your statement whatsoever.

Shouldn't you be out playing

Shouldn't you be out playing with your Xbox little boy/girl? This is Megagames a site hosted on web servers which so happen to be running some form of PC based hardware. Your TROLLING does not turn people into TROLLS sorry. Maybe you could be a good sport and play COD with your buddies hmmm?!


Sony had less than one percent failure rate and it was all over the news because Sony confirmed reports quickly. There are cdrom drive failures on youtube and no one has aired a story. At least gamers know that the news is bought and paid for....even if so many in America believe that their news wasn't censored about Snowden

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