Xbox One Day One Achievements Are Being Sold On eBay

It's not really surprising that a lot of Xbox One owners are taking advantage of its supply shortage to make a quick buck through eBay. In fact, this has happened with almost all previous console launches; however, it seems that Xbox One owners are finding new ways to monetize their consoles without losing them.

By the time of writing, around 200 auctions are available on eBay selling Xbox One day one achievement codes. When entered into Xbox LIVE, this one-time code earns its user an achievement for being a day one Xbox One owner. Apparently, the street price for those bragging rights is around 30 bucks (or upward of $60 if you opt for the "buy now" option).

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good how everyone moans about something to do with a console or pc but aint got the brains to do them there selves. If you ain't happy don't buy one **** heads


good how everyone moans about something to do with a console or pc but aint got the brains to do them there selves. If you ain't happy don't buy one **** heads

xbone one joke

plzzz plzzz plzzz show me a game run on weaker xbone one at 1080p @60fps what you cant nuffff said microshit using cheap stuff to get max profits out of the xbone again why do they have to hold next gen back i feel sorry for the guys who paid alot of money for a low end pc console look the xbone gpu is 7790 and the ps4 is 7870 %50 percent more compute units Call of Duty: Ghosts, is running at 1080p on the PS4, but only 720p on the Xbox One. nuff said


Xbox problem with disc drive hdmi dont work right cost £100 more the a ps4 and is half the raw power so game developers have to make a game to suit the weaker console jokebox one hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahah


Well again, a bunch of ps4 windbags! Lets see a patch to make cod 1080p They could do a patch for xbox but no they dont, Then theres Battlefield 4 which looks much better on xbox one, Nuff said! its still up in the air who the better system is but its looking like xbox one with much better frame rate Sorry Crapstation!

You have zero knowledge about

You have zero knowledge about technology. Sure it can run, at 1 fps which is the same as not running it at all. The horsepower to push 1080p graphics at 30fps just isn't there unless they make tetris for the xbone, that one could run at 1080p. Retarded kids who think technology is magic...


you wait for 8years + for a 1080p gaming console..and Microsoft release a 720p insult to its fans....what planet are they on...after 15y of xbox im triying the ps4 route.... I like having a console downstairs...but still have upstairs my water custom loop gtx 780 hydro coppers in sli in glorious 2560x1440p lg ea83 in my 900d,maximus 6 formula and 32gb 2400 ram.

You sir clearly take the

You sir clearly take the award for most incoherent specs ever rambled off in a hurry because you thought you had to get the comment in before anyone else. English, six presidents from now they will be inaugurating the Predident of the Unided Fedural Assrape (yes they spell assrape perfectly fine).

So technical about a computer

So technical about a computer.. yet you completely wrote it out wrong. Something tells me you bought a premade computer, and just talking about how retarded you are for buying 32gb of... 2400? why 2400? genius yes you are. Have a good system like that, and you want a 1080 console? you are out of your mind. Everything gets upscaled anyways so you wouldn't notice the difference anyways.

Not completely true

32 gigs of ram is not over kill for a gamer that wants to edit their game play videos. If ya don't have much disc space ya have to convert videos and splicing as ya play while your recording more.

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