Developers help downed Youtube let's players


Google has continued to anger its Youtube userbase over the past couple of days by initiating a new draconian version of its automatic copyright infringement detection tool, which has begun claiming videos on behalf of game developers the world over, meaning lets players and reviewers will lose advertising revenue on huge numbers of their videos; in some cases we're talking hundreds. Fortunately, some developers see how this might be a problem and have begun helping some video makers regain ownership of their videos.

Google has used this tool in the past and it's typically been used for rooting out copyright protected music, but in this its targeting videos that are easily covered by fair use law. The fact that Google is impartially removing ownership from these videos too, is potentially crippling people's livelihoods as an entrepreneurial spirit has grown up around Youtube and its adverts, letting people make a reasonable living if they can pull in a few hundred thousand views per video.

These videos also generate a lot of free publicity for the developers and counter to traditional corporate trends, they actually recognise this and a few are hoping to turn the situation around. Ubisoft is one of them. It's released a set of guideliines for those affected, suggesting that they send through a link to the video and a note of who flagged it and Ubisoft will have it reverted.

Blizzard has similarly said it will help out those affected, as has Capcom.

Here's hoping Google pulls its finger out of its ass and sorts this, as it has the potential to kill some of the biggest channels on the entire site.

[Cheers CVG]

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its about time...

companies had less power. people's creative ability and talent in how they express themselves are being destroyed by greed. soon we wont be able to express ourselves with the way things are going. Its time to stand up or shut people


As much as I hate Google, I kind of back their stance. I mean Youtube makes its policies quite clear when you sign up to the site, people go full ****** and throw whatever mashed peas on there. Of course could violating **** if you didn't come up with said product/branding, its like MJ writing a review about the Dark Knight then suddenly having it taken over by a cease and desist notice by Disney.


I stopped using Youtube a couple years ago when they started with the commercials and advertisements. It was a really cool fun idea untill they started adding all the crap, they should have learned from Myspace.

Not so fast

I doubt google did this without serious consideration first. They are probably being pressured by a lot of companies and it would take too much man power not to automate the system. But this is coming from someone who almost never visits youtube and I have not been paying attention to the whole story so I could be wrong, but it is something to consider.


"meaning lets players and reviewers will lose advertising revenue on huge numbers of their videos"? Ever heard of "proofreading"? Google doesn't have their finger up their ***. They have their heads up their ***. Plenty of intelligent people make perfectly rational decisions with their fingers up their *****. I do it all the time. Retards, like Michael J, & people making retarded decisions, like those at Google, have their heads, not fingers, up their *****. WTF's your excuse?

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