Fallout 4 is real after all

Fallout fans felt pretty bummed out yesterday, because the news dropped that the Survivor 2299 website was a hoax and with little word from Bethesda, it seemed like there may not be a Fallout game in the works after all. However, as it turns out, we were right the first time, as Fallout 4 is in development right now and it's set in Boston.


The confirmation comes not from Bethesda, but from a script sent to Kotaku by a reader who was considering auditioning for a role in the game's cast. The documents have apparently been verified as real, so we know for sure the game is in the works.

It was thought likely that Bethesda had been beavering away on the game since 2011 when it released Skyrim, but considering no one at Bethesda would confirm it, we've had nothing to go on. Fortunately, now we do.

Mentions of the game in the casting information and script suggest that the game will open with its traditional "War never changes," speech, though possibly not spoken by Ron Perlman this time, but by the player instead.

Character wise there's a new DJ and a new engineer and there will be options for male or female versions of the protagonist too.

No word on release dates, release platforms or anything as of yet, but we'll wait and see if Bethesda chooses to respond to the outing.

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Fallout in Boston, people hiding in their houses from outside threats, patrols going door to door looking for something, loud explosions, sounds like a fun game! I just hope people don't have that ****** bostonian accent. (Would have said something about running but that would have been to obvious and insensitive, didn't want to offend anyone) Fallout is fun though =)


Is Michael turning a new leaf? This is literally the first comment I've seen from you that was actually positive and polite.... Looks like someone isn't getting any coal in their stocking this Christmas!!

Tbh I think an mmo is a nice

Tbh I think an mmo is a nice way to ruin a franchise. Just look at wow, warcraft had a nice story going, then came wow and ruined everything, theres no longer a cohesive story which you can follow, just bits and scraps separated by a ton of quests. I prefer fallout over the elder scrolls, so I'm glad it's not becoming an mmo.

Very true

Keep the formula as it is, I always loved Bethesda for being steady and reputable. Mmo is greedy. Although a multiplayer with lan could be interesting, coop single player.

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