SteamOS Beta Released

Valve has finally released the first public beta version of SteamOS.

SteamOS 1.0 is based on Debian Linux version 7.1 with Valve's proprietary Big Screen interface and Steam client to provide console-like experience. The operating system is designed for living room gaming on TV screens, but standard Linux desktop is readily available to run any other Linux application.

Being an early beta, Valve recommends that non-technical users shouldn't install SteamOS yet. The operating system currently supports a certain set of hardware that's going to expand significantly before official launch.

In the meanwhile, SteamOS's hardware requirements are as follows:

- Intel or AMD 64-bit capable processor
- 4GB or more memory
- 500GB or larger disk
- NVIDIA graphics card (AMD and Intel graphics support coming soon)
- UEFI boot support
- USB port for installation

SteamOS beta is available here.

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So this is where primate

So this is where primate orthodox disorder will come in. The people generally afraid of change to their life style will bash what is new. Ill give you and example of what you look like if you bash the idea of steam os. Your that idiot in the past who though slavery was alright, or that women dont deserve rights. From the perspective of time you can see how these things make people out to be the idiots that they are but relative to their time they thought they were cool. You an idiot if you dislike the idea of linux gaming, you just like the intelligence to see it yourself.

It is a viable option if you

It is a viable option if you use your pc for nothing but gaming, for people who also use their pc for actual work and don't want to **** around with dual booting or building a second pc this is a waste of time, also comparing disliking a concept to slavery is unbelievable, you are coming off sounding a little like a valve fanboy, I have said it before if steam is any indication of what their new os will be like then they can keep it, I like steam but not so much that I am blind to it's glaring flaws.

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