Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Trailer


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Welcome to Telon, a vast and ancient world of magic, intrigue and adventure. Facing the challenges of a wartorn world, the diverse people here struggle to rebuild their

once great civilizations. A fragile alliance has been struck, with the lands set upon by invading forces, the races must band together to survive. In the north, the

sprawling green hills of Thestra are plagued by an unstoppable undead menace. To the south, the deserts of Qalia have been besieged by an elemental threat spawned from

the depths of the earth and to the east; inhabitants of the tumultuous jungles of Kojan fiercely battle encroaching otherworldly fiends.

Telon is in desperate need of heroes. Your journey begins now.

Join a community of thousands of players online as you traverse a breathtaking landscape on the back of a dragon, exploring the grandeur of a world designed by the

seminal fantasy artist Keith Parkinson. Create and customize your character from 19 races and 15 professions. Combat fierce opponents with a groundbreaking dynamic

combat system that forces you to react to your opponents as you tie together devastating combinations of attacks. The challenge awaits the boldest of heroes.

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Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Trailer

weird? Its called Fallout effect in 3ds max and Clear coat in Maya.. Of course this is some DX/Ogl shader, but effect the same. can't really imagine ghost being done other way except half transparent ;)First post waited a week to get his chance, just look at the happyness of this fool

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