Halo 2 Theatrical Trailer [Hi-Def WMV]


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This is a trailer for Halo 2, in high-definition WMV format.

There are many computer configurations capable of playing high definition content. The system you buy should depend on the level of quality you want to experience.

Minimum Configuration
(to play 720p video)

Windows XP
Windows Media Player 9 Series
2.4 GHz processor or equivalent
384 MB of RAM
64 MB video card
DVD drive
1024 x 768 screen resolution
16-bit sound card

Optimum Configuration
(to play 1080p video with 5.1 surround sound)

Windows XP
Windows Media Player 9 Series
DirectX 9.0
3.0 GHz processor or equivalent
512 MB of RAM
128 MB video card
DVD drive
1920 x 1440 screen resolution
24-bit 96 kHz multichannel sound card
5.1 surround sound speaker system

For either scenario, an AGP4x-based NVIDIA or ATI video adapter card with the most recent OEM driver updates is also recommended.

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Halo 2 Theatrical Trailer [Hi-Def WMV]

look at the end of it when the xbox logo comes up the xbox.com changes to ilovebees.com now go on the website and it has a black box there with this in itHALT - MODULE CORE HEMORRHAGEControl has been yielded to theSYSTEM PERIL DISTRIBUTED REFLEX.This medium is classified, and has aSTRONG INTRUSIVE INCLINATION.In 1 days, network throttling will erode.In 15 days this medium will metastasize.COUNTDOWN TO WIDE AWAKE AND PHYSICAL:28:13:14:34:016Make your decisions accordingly.wtf is going on here what is bungie up2and if u move the letters around in SYSTEM PERIL DISTRIBUTED REFLEXit can saySINGLE PLAYER DEMO RELEASEand the counter is days:hr:mins:secs:milsecsits really odd this any1 else no more?

Halo 2 Theatrical Trailer [Hi-Def WMV]

look at the xbox logo at the end of the demo the xbox.com changes into ilovebees.com for a split second then back to xbox.com and on the website it has SYSTEM PERIL DISTRIBUTED REFLEXreorganise it and it can say SINGLE PLAYER DEMO RELEASE this is very odd any1 else got throughs?

Halo 2 Theatrical Trailer [Hi-Def WMV]

Who's the tard who organized the letters in "system peril distributed reflex" to spell "single player demo release"?Where is the X from reflex in that phrase? Where do you get the G in single?Sure, if you rearrange the letters and add some new ones and get rid of some of the letters it spells "simple program dump ******":)Hurry with the PC version, as console controls kind of suck for FPS.And for the guy who said "It's still on the 64 meg 700mhz shitbox" The 64MB 700MHz XBox must be tons better than the PS2. The stats of that are even weaker...


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