Dead or Alive 5 is still keen on fan service

There's been a lot of talk over the last few years about portraying more realistic females in games and to some extent that's happened. All you need do is look at the latest Tomb Raider game to see evidence of this. However not all developers want to portray women in that light, they'd rather make a large portion of their game about ridiculous breasts and skimpy outfits. I guess because some people would rather watch tits bounce than play the fighting game it's masquerading as?

In a bunch of new screenshots and a trailer for Dead or Alive 5, there's a new costume pack on the way known as the Tropical Sexy pack and it's as ridiculous and deliberately titillating as you might imagine.

There really isn't much to say about it, other than it's gear you'd never fight in, but hey this is DOA, we would be expecting a lot of it if we hoped for anything different.

Of course though there's camera snapping noises in the video - because what's half nude women on a beach without some creepy voyeur overtones?

That's what we want in beat'em up games. Right?

[Thanks AGB]

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Author plz, the game is made

Author plz, the game is made by japanese. Trying to understand why the game is the way it is is like trying to speak to one of them in their language. Even they have problems understanding each other imagine westerners like us.


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imagine mario being

imagine mario being realistic. a fat ditry ******* jumping on platforms n braking blocks... will you be encouraged to buy that game? ... i wouldnt .... all in all show me hot girls n bouncing *****. n no mk on the genesis wasnt the death of fighting games.. more like mk on the n64 was. n mk during that time had a controversy due to its realistic portray of people in violent acts (decapitation, ripping a persons spine, falling in a pit to their death, blood, gore, etc) btw mk is still being played by emu or ports to newer consoles.

Let the hatred towards women

Let the hatred towards women begin! Lets face it, half of the people who "defend" women by calling games like this one sexist does so because they want women to dress in a burka. And those of you who use Tomb Raider as an example probably loved watching a 'realistic woman' get beat up and killed over and over again.

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