Don't worry guys, South Park Stick of Truth doesn't have Uplay

When THQ went under, there were a few titles and franchises that people were sad to see dashed to the four winds and sold to a variety of companies who can ultimately do with them what they will. While the futures of some still remain uncertain, South Park: The Stick of Truth is coming along nicely and while delayed a few times, is set for release in March. However one concern that remained was whether Ubisoft would use its disliked Uplay platform on the PC build, but never fear, it won't, it's Steam all the way.

This was confirmed by developer Obsidian earlier today via it's Twitter account, which stated: that "Uplay was not integrated at all into South Park: Stick of Truth." It continued saying, "it's a Steam game, with Steam achievements, etc."

Perhaps this was the developers cleverly knowing that fans wouldn't want Uplay and when the game was taken on by the publishing giant in the wake of the THQ bankrupcty, they suggested that the amount of work to add it in would have been huge. Perhaps.

Either way though, it looks like we'll be getting the game without that extra login system on the PC which is always nice to see.

South Park Stick of Truth is set for release in early March on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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Steam is enough. GFWL and

Steam is enough. GFWL and Uplay are real crap when it goes wrong plus it can messed up your save games. It reminded me my Mazda MX5 that had so much trouble but now I found a new way to earn extra cash and I can earn up to 80$ per h..... ok I stop now that's all crap and you know it.

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