Cliff Blezinski is done with disc based game retail

While ex-Epic Games team leader and creator of Gears of War, Cliff Blezinski has been out of game development for a while, suggesting that he was burned out and needed some time to recuperate, he still dips back in to comment on the state of the industry now and again. His most recent statement is that he believes the traditional game retail sector, with disc based games and real world promotion is dead and he'll never work with it again.

This was said during an interview with Gamasutra, where he stated:

"The whole 'old guard,'where you get a Game Informer cover and and E3 reveal, is dead," he said, suggesting instead, that Let's Players hold the future of your game in their hands.

"Your game is as good as how many YouTube videos it can yield," Bleszinski said. "My wife and I are totally hooked on Rust right now. It's not about the 'new user experience'; in these games the new user experience is utter s***, and it's okay. There are two lessons people have not learned from Minecraft: Get the game out there and build it. Some kid will put out a video. Players will teach each other. You don't need the 'press A to jump'."

Despite the added sharing features and Youtube/Twitch implementation in the new generation of consoles, Blezinski still thinks the PC has the brightest future and that that's what he'll end up developing for again in the future. He also thinks he'll make a shooter since FPS is in his blood.

However when he does eventually do it, he'll be taking lessons from Minecraft, Rust and others: keep fans updated and release it early. That means a change list on the sub-reddit, regular updates and weekly devblogs.

What do you guys think of this vision of the future? Do you think a lot more games will take the Rust model of very early release? It seems like that's only something that can really work in sandbox games where a lot of the gameplay is emergent.

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I hate when people create

I hate when people create their own world they live in and try tor force it on others, just because you don't use it that don't make it dead or non existent anymore. If you make a good game and worth the money then the game will sell it self..just about. For me I don't like digital because I just want to put the game in and install and play and not wait for download from a overloaded server, but that don't make digital dad.

So you'd rather wait a week

So you'd rather wait a week for a physical disk to arrive at your door? Because there's no way 99% of small developers are going to pay to have their stuff in a store near you for your sake when millions of others are cool with the convenience of just downloading it.

My thoughts.

Exactly!! I am stoked on the idea of PC dedication & a new shooter for it though. Physical copy, retail outlet distribution is dying though. Just like DVD & Blu-ray. All discs will die. All the video rental stores are closing up. The internet is the future. Get used to it.

TF2 is doing this, and they

TF2 is doing this, and they're raking in the money from selling digital hats. That is only one facet of income for Valve from this now F2P game. If anyone is doing this right it's Valve, Minecraft doesn't hold a torch against this monopoly. If anything I think this fellow needs to look at the real competitors of this field and think hard on how to pitch himself in this world of "open" collaboration.


At least a developers understood where the future is, and it is not in the overdone genre of CoD/Titancrap where you redo the same moves all over again for hundreds of hours like a mindless zombie. Maybe the fact he went away from the industry gave him a much better perspective. Go bash this guy now, and return playing titanfall.

have you played titanfall?

its actually really good It don't bother me at all its an fps and no matter how you cut it theres only so much you can do with fps games . btw it don't use the same iw engine as cod or frost bite it actualy uses a heavily modified version of the source engine, which means it wont be a yearly release but instead it will evolve with expansions sort of like the wow route just fun and yes team respawn is distributed by ea but keep in mind they brought the good cod games, and are indie devs at heart if people like a game then let them don't be a hipster no one likes a hipster

Bollocks, Blez is taking the

Bollocks, Blez is taking the worst common factor in PC games and media and using it as a market standard. What can we expect from him? As if any serious player even looks at "lets plays" I dont even get why they write him up as a game guru or invite him to talk tables. He isnt a 3d engine specialist and his best game was risen with the help of another guy which nobody talks about. On top of that, he actually wants to market his low life creations to other low lifes through low life channels. Makes sense huh.A specific person must be behind all of these Blez posts.

"Do you think a lot more

"Do you think a lot more games will take the Rust model of very early release?" - Are you kidding? Even before Rust, as soon as Steam launched the early access feature many games rushed to adopt it and more just keep coming out. Take Arma 3 for example, early access offered some tutorial missions, they added stuff over time and eventually the campaign once it was ready since you don't want to release an incomplete story, unless you make it episodic.


was about time a dev figured out real gamers dont give a **** about the hype . we play what we like and steam has been demonstrating that for a wile ,with so many block busters out saturating the scene , you would never know the highest played games right now are dota,rust,7days to live , and those were all word of mouth type of games no disc or mainstream promo

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