King's Assembly wants to reinvent the keyboard/mouse combo

While gaming keyboards and mice and their backend software have all improved over the past 20 years, to the point where we're traversing the screen with a tiny flick of the wrist and typing at speeds in excess of 120 WPM without too much difficulty, the traditional keyboard and mouse set up for PC gaming has remained relatively constant. That doesn't mean there aren't problems with it though and it's those that Solid Art Labs is looking to fix, with the creation of its King's Assembly mouse, keyboard and joystick combi tool.

The King's Assembly (KA), whilst sounding a little pompous, doesn't look like anything that different from a Razer Nostromo gaming keypad. It combines a joystick, with an ergonomic keyboard (though admittedly its mounting is quite unique) and it builds a mouse into the entire set up.

However the KA is more than that, since it's not just one keyboard combo device, it's two. You have one with a built in mouse and a second with just keyboard and joystick. The idea behind it is that you never have to move your hand from the keyboard and can type and game away without switching over to a mouse.

I've got a few problems with this idea, namely that re-learning to type on something like that will take a long time. Also, I don't believe using something that large as a mouse - especially with a less accurate palm grip - is going to be as good as a high-sensitivity, claw-grip mouse.

Perhaps it's designed for the much less accuracy dependent MMO style of game?

However it's an interesting looking piece of kit and has in just four days got enough backers to secure its Kickstarter funding, but the question really is, would you guys buy it?

If you want to see more of the KA, or fancy backing it yourself, check out the campaign here.

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instead of trying to reinvent

instead of trying to reinvent something that aint broken, how about bringing back joysticks & throttle & pedal systems & working with dosbox team to get them supported on all the old classic flight & mech games that benefit from them, and make it cheaper than that CH brand that I could never afford.

Wouldn't buy it.

Why is he designing on a Crapple? I'm not sure why you'd ever need to take your hand off the mouse except to type & if it's that much of a problem then get a $7 headset & PUSH-TO-TALK. This thing is not going to replace a mouse & keyboard for everything else so why would I want it? There are gaming mice out there that probably kill my little laptop mouse that works fine for me. You can cram many more buttons on to a mouse & change a keyboard layout to be more suited to gaming. I see no real benefit to this. Just another thing to spend money on & take up space with. I appreciate the effort. We don't make progress without trying so good on him for that but I don't see any benefit for me.

I have a big problem with

I have a big problem with this; you are now moving your whole arm to control the mouse which gives much less accuracy in your movement. The advantage of the mouse is that your wrist alone makes the movement. It's biggest draw to me being that it's only on 2 axis. I welcome new ways to experiment games but I believe this one needs improvement.

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