AMD Rewards AMD Gaming Evolved Users With Discounts

AMD announced the AMD Rewards program powered by Raptr, giving AMD Radeon graphics and AMD APU-based PC gamers the chance to redeem points earned within the AMD Gaming Evolved application for prizes.

"We are thankful for the millions of gamers that support the AMD Radeon brand by using the AMD Gaming Evolved application Powered by Raptr," said Darren McPhee, director, Graphics Marketing, AMD. "The AMD Rewards program is our way of thanking our loyal customers and giving back to the community that has given so much to us."

Similar to NVIDIA's GeForce Experience program, the AMD Gaming Evolved App helps gamers get recommending optimal game settings tailored to their rig; keep their drivers up to date. Players can earn points by using the app to play their favorite games, optimize setting for those games, or engage with the community. Those points can be redeemed for AMD Rewards in the Raptr store.

At launch, gamers will be able to redeem points for prizes, such as: Sapphire Technology Radeon R9 Series graphics cards, and tons of free games, ASTRO gaming headsets, GameFly subscriptions, GUNNAR gaming eyewear, discounts and more. AMD Rewards Program is an extension to the broader Raptr Rewards program, which has already given out millions of dollars' worth of rewards.

AMD has pledged $5 million for the AMD Rewards program. To see a list of the prizes and learn more about participating in it, visit

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I bought an AMD 7950 (no

I bought an AMD 7950 (no longer available) back in October. The card is a hair slower then the nVidia 760 but I got it for $175 while the nVidia 760 was still selling at $270. Thats $95 cheaper, plus I got three free games with it. And they were not just *******games too.... Crysis 3, FarCry 3 and I just got Thief all for free. That was an amazing deal from AMD. I'm not loyal to one or the other, but I went with AMD for the Value/Performance over nVidia. I cant complain about them. The card/drivers do what they are suppose to!

Same here - nVidia overprice

Same here - nVidia overprice themselves and what they give you for your money doesn't make up for it. That said my GTX260 lasted five years and I only upgraded it because I needed more V-Ram. My 7850 is still going strong but I'll have to see how long it lasts for me.

Stale, biased "news" as usual

AMD has a rewards program. It had it for a good ******* while now. Except AMD had it set that you could gain 360 points per day with playing games. 2 weeks ago they decimated every user's already-gained point count and set the max number of available points per day to 20. I went from 15k points to 3k points with the decimation. They said "oh, but we lowered the reward point requirements so it matches what you can make and how much we took". Yeah, they lowered a graphics card's 170k point requirement to 120k. Now get to 120k ******* points with 20 points per day. Hooray, I can get a reward card in 16 years!! They ****** us and went back on what they offered to entice us in the first place to use their *******platform. I don't have a problem with AMD cards OR Nvidia - I've bought both in my day, but from now on all I'm ever buying is NVIDIA. Who the **** do you think you can treat this way, AMD? Stop shilling, Megagames authors.

big deal

AMD are ******* ****, and no one cares about their nvidia ripp off idea, their drivers will always be **** ,so their turner wont help games run any better, nvidia are kings and rule the pc platform market ! be fun to see AMD ******* die ! millions of fans is overating themselves .

man u have some pointless anger issues kid !

?why i need to get over it ? chipsets are poorly made to intels mobos, their ram runs worst than other brands, there 8 cores are no better than a high end quadcore, intel 6 cores *******on there best, with 8 cores out this year easy, and gfx cards nvidia wins easy, amd/ati are a dying breed like you who comments on random posts like a sad ****.


The only reason Intel out perform AMD in many cases is that the code these days are optimized for per core performance witch is what Intel dose best. The way programming is headed there will be better optimization for multicore performance witch means in a year or so Intel will be going for multicore performance like AMD aswell. Also AMD drivers have come a long way the last year and at the moment i have less driver issues on my AMD system then my Intel/nVIDIA system. Also witch many games these days being made for console and then ported to PC and both the new consoles running AMD the games will start being better optimized for AMD chipsets.

The future of programming is

The future of programming is currently functional, we have seen 8 core processors. We have seen 16 perhaps even 32 core processors. What is stopping the world from achieving 100 cores with twice as many threads per core count?! Functional programming may become the future verses imperative. Simply put functional addresses both bottlenecks and proper multicore addressing. Currently programming is limited to a programmers understanding of hardware. So in affect if we go by today's standard neither Intel nor AMD address the problem. Also note most software on a Windows machine regardless if your running 32bit or 64bit Windows is still limited to 32bit in reality. Unless you go the Linux route :P

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