Microsoft Tried And Failed To Hide Disappointing Xbox One Sales

Although Microsoft has previously announced Xbox One North American sales figures for November and December 2013, the company has decided to withhold that info for January 2014. Luckily for us, the company has forgotten a little clue in the press release allowing us to find out the hidden number.

"Comparatively, Xbox One consoles have sold at a rate of 2.29 times faster than Xbox 360 in the U.S. in the same time frame for the first three months on the market," the press release reads.

According to the NPD Group, Xbox 360 has sold 326,000 units in November 2005, 274,000 units in December 2005 and 250,000 units in January 2006. This adds up to 850,000 Xbox 360 units sold during its first three months in USA. By multiplying that number by the aforementioned 2.29, we find that Xbox One has sold 1,946,500 units in USA by the end of January 2014.

The last piece of the puzzle is subtracting Xbox One's November and December sales. Fortunately, Microsoft has already revealed that figure last month to be 1,817,132 units. This final subtraction reveals that Xbox One has sold about 129,368 units in USA in January 2014.

If this number is correct, it represents a catastrophic drop from December 2014's 908,000 Xbox One sales figure. It is also nearly half the 250,000 Xbox 360 units sold in January 2006.

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lolol funny seeing those crapy consoles owner fighting over which 1 is the best, from my Point of view they Both Suck *** Hard. i own a PC stronger then both consoles put together. GG owned

Leave the console people

Leave the console people alone you kid living with grandmother. I have a PC along with PS3. Talking about PC being better after the console players are arguing which is better? Why are you throwing PC in there? Of course it is better, also it isn't a console so it shouldn't be in that conversation.

Let me fix that:

Let me fix that: Funny seeing those console owners fighting over which one is the best, from my point of view they Both are pretty tame compared to PC. My parents own a PC with more CPU Ram and graphic processing power then both consoles put together. Tho this isn't a valid argument towards console owners, since everybody already knows that PC is faster and we still choose to game on consoles because of the convenience and AAA titles not available on PC. Seriously, PC vs console just doesn't fly anymore. Unless you forgot that we live in a world where almost everybody owns a PC.

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But every PC is a gaming PC 0

But every PC is a gaming PC 0_o there isn't a magic box that stops you from playing games or anything and any PC with even integrated graphics is powerful enough to be at least an entry level gaming PC these days. It's this kind of pretentiousness that gives self-proclaimed "PC gamers" a bad name.

Thaaaaank you!

Thaaaaank you! If only all of these ignorant "PC only" gamers could see this. How many console gamers also own a decent or semi decent PC? Hmmm i'll start by raising my hand first.

A console is just a PC in a

A console is just a PC in a smaller form factor. Whether people like to acknowledge that or not. A High-end PC will always trump a console, For example, my 1 GPU performs more TFlops then a PS4, and that is just my GPU alone. What frustrates me is when we get cheap ports of console games. Hardcore PC gamers spend the money to be on the cutting edge but we get put on the back burner for some mid-grade laptop component console.

that's right MJ! :)

that's right MJ! :) Ps3 was sold out for an extended period of time, due to high demand while the Xb1 was in fact the less desired machine and still available throughout stores nation wide.

All lies

If you're going that route, keep in mind that the Xbox 360 is STILL outsellingthe Xbox One, Ps3 and Ps4 all combined. But yeah, you'll believe anything you read I guess, also keep in mind that companies pay a lot of money to organize secret campaigns to get people to talk trash about the competition and lie about sales figures.

LOL! the 360 lost is momentum

LOL! the 360 lost is momentum right after people started figuring out the only games worth playing were 3 years old. i mean its the perfect. all they need now is a game called "Gears Of Halo" so your fanboying MS while bashing them at the same time?

The way I look at it, Sony is

The way I look at it, Sony is trying to make their console sell by withholding product. I'm sure they have a stockpile of PS4s and only ship a few at a time so that there is a demand for it. Make it seem like it can't keep up with the demand to increase hype. Its a marketing tactic that companies like Apple and Samsung have used before to make sure that when their product is on a shelf, it sells right away because its "in demand". All they are doing is tricking people into thinking that it's special in some way because they are sold out everywhere. Sony is a ignoble company in my eyes because of they way they market a lot of their products with cheap tactics and no one seems to see what they are doing.

What kind of douche embrace

What kind of douche embrace an xbox box (pun intended) while even having a stupid green xbox hat. Feels like everything is a fake marketing ploy these days because I can't imagine that such person exist and if he does, I can't imagine a journalist passed by and went on to publish such picture on xbox release day. It's all fake. Glad it's not selling after the fanboy got one.

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