3D World War II V.2


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3D W.W.II has so many real life aspects that you will think you are really in old Germany fighting for freedom.
Listed below are a few of the games features.

The game is a fully functional demo with single play as well as multiplay capabilities. You get 2 levels in single play mode, and 2 levels in a death match mode.

Advanced 3D world design

3D Advanced modeling

Real world texturing

Environmental Aspects- Fog-Rain-Snow

Translucent Lighting effects

Advanced model animations

3D sound enhancement

Unstoppable weaponry

FPS view & 3rd person perspective

Amazing script coding

Multiplayable over networking

And much, more...

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3D World War II V.2

Hi,Do one thing and request to remove this stupid demo! I don't know why the heck they've put this demo here.I know designers worked hard for it and by hard I mean their first game!If you wana die, and get back to the past where Wolf3D then this game is for you!!I would say this demo was released back in 1940 where games were so lame. =)

3D World War II V.2

I believe the game reviewers of mega games need to be tougher on games on point out bad points and with such a game like this not even post it. Giving a game a positive review when it is poorly made is the worst thing to put on your site. People stop downloading becasue they are unsure if any of the games on here are good. Please Stop with the positive game reviews on crap games.

3D World War II V.2

Don't bother with this waste of programing. Picture the dynamic animation of south park crossed with castle wolfenstein. If you don't mind enemy soldiers who can walk and shoot through walls while your character can't exit through an open hall he just came in on, this game is for you.

3D World War II V.2

hi i downloaded 3D WORLD WAR 2 V.2 and wghen i installed it and should play it it wouldnt work coputer just ot stuck with a black screen whats wrong??i have a p3 667 mhz 128 ram tnt 2 32 mb what 2 do??

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