Akimbo - Kung-Fu Hero


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[[The Story]]

Somewhere, far across the ocean, far beyond where the sea and sky meet, lays a mystic land of imagination. Here the seven seas churn to and fro, histories locked away within the shimmering waves. There are many tales to tell, but none as fantastic as the one about to unfold…

Oh what a day. Akimbo sighed, face held in a grimace, a hand streaking to massage his bruised side. Kung-fu master or no, there was only so much a lad like him could take after all. Akimbo grinned a bit at that. His rather notorious habit of getting in the midst of things he really had no intention of doing had lead to some very outlandish adventures, whose tales spread throughout every island of the seven seas.

Akimbo, the kung-fu hero. But a lot of people don't realize that I'm just a normal person too. Escaping the dojo for but a moment, Akimbo's aimless wandering had led him to the seaside cove. Concentrating on the languid landscape, Akimbo closed his eyes and let whim take him where it willed...


A careful balance between gameplay, fine hand-drawn visuals and a well planned learning curve that draws you back every time for just one more game!

Manga-inspired lead character that can perform a variety of kung-fu moves including punches, sidekicks, back flips, and round house kicks that will help you battle and puzzle your way through a wealth of colourful levels.

A slew of power-ups such as bombs, swords, Spin-o-Copter, the ability to ride Bobby Bump the giant turtle, and more.

Travel through six unique worlds, each with its own theme and filled with monsters, weapons and other collectable items.

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