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GFI and MiST Land - South have announced the release of the original phase-based tactical simulator game - Alfa:Antiterror.

August 1996, Chechnya; There have been battles in Groznyy for several days. Large groups of terrorist units led by field commander Aslan Maskhadov entered the city from different directions and now have under their control most of the strategically important spots. MIA RF hostel and headquarters are blocked by large enemy forces. After the long and fierce defense of the FSS hostel, where terrorists used heavy arms and armored vehicles, the Russian command decided to break through the terrorists' ring.

Alfa:Antiterror focuses on the realism of the conflict and all missions have historical counterparts, some of the missions you will take part in were even classified until recently.

Playing the demo version you will face one the most dramatic episodes of the counter-terrorist operation. Your objectives will be the following:
- Get through to the post of the MIA RF army;
- Prevent a terrorist attack of the post;
- Minimize casualties among military staff.

You are part of an elite unit, a soldier of Alfa force. Thanks to the help of former and acting members of Alfa, the developers have created a deep tactical setting. To succeed you will require nerves of steel, the ability to make instant decisions based on the data at your disposal and zero emotion; remember, Special Forces ops are always very well conceived. You will however also need a decent amount of luck and adrenaline as your missions will be set against the odds.

Adding to the realism are the unique individual traits assigned to every soldier, determining his behavior and interaction with other squad members.

Immersion is achieved through the advanced game engine. It includes ragdoll physics, a unique animation system, realistic ballistics and realistic material physics. There is nothing more exciting than shooting the enemy through a closed door or blowing up his shelter with a bazooka.

The sharp visuals provide photorealistic textures, large, detailed battlefields and objects. Grass, trembling in the wind, trees, brought to life up to the last leaf, post-effect Bloom - and many more features made possible by the advanced game engine.

Once the story is finished and you get to see the final cutscene - the game really begins. After defeating the AI, try taking on a real-life opponents. Internet or local connection, HotSeat or playing by e-mail will allow you to escape the real world for several hours, prolonging the game's lifespan.

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I honestly see why we created and procured nuclear technology as human beings...Maybe one day we can send people like you guys out to Christmas, Bikini, or Cregland Island to end your miserable lives in a glorious blaze of pure beauty.It may be the biggest (and brightest) points of your miserable lives. *sigh*Idiots...


it's people's responses to the first post person that fuels the first poster to continue being blatantly obnoxious about the fact that they did post first. on every possible page they can get their hands on.if you ignore the first poster, i'm sure this whole 'first post' trend would stop.-ben


Wow, great graphics it looks so good I would have guessed this game is over five years old. Because, we all know how great generic dirt-mesh bucketed all over chunks of polygons looks.No, this game fails already.Yes, graphics do make a difference because by now we've had so many f**king war-shooters if it isn't bringing anything new to the plate it'll crash.


This is by far the best FPS I have played and I have played a few, let me tell you this game exceeds even F.E.A.R. as far as its augmentation of buffer region extensions and by fact the general use of anamnesis, plus exceptional adoption of Rolstiens Calculus suggest an ability of the design staff to meet the ever exasperating needs of party demands.

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