Amazons & Aliens demo


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Choose one of three alien races competing for world domination (or peace): the blue stoneworking Pimmons, the militaristic, wild Amazons, or the "disgusting biotech" insectoid Sajkhi. Direct the fate of your race as you nurture them from the Stone Age through Metal and beyond. Command them to build houses, schools, taverns, and laboratories to research new build more houses, barracks, and military outposts (or circuses). Then lead them into war to destroy the other races or set up complex peace and trade relations. (multiple winning scenarios, get it?) Beautifully elaborate graphics, a highly imaginative world, addictive gameplay. The chance to destroy a great civilization. What more could you ask for? And just because the Pimmons farm very...interesting polka dotted mushrooms and the Sajkhi enjoy...psychedelic swirled lollipop does not mean they aren't dangerous. Watch out for their legions of exploding beasts. They'll get you every time.

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