America's Army: Operations v2.0


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The new version of Americas Army has been released.

List of changes:
New weapons available to the Special Forces class:
- SOPMOD M4 Carbine: the Special Operations Peculiar Modification to M4 Carbine.This weapon is fully customizable by the player though the use of various accessories (mods) that can be added to the weapon to fit the players playstyle or to meet the demands of a particular mission.
- SPR: Special Purpose Rifle - Variant on the M16 for long range shots and greater accuracy. The primary weapon of the Special Forces Advanced Marksman.
- Thermite Grenade: Incendiary type of grenade emitting intense heat and flame. This grenade is used by the Special Forces class to complete 'data destruction' type objectives.

New OpFor Weapons:
- Vss Vintorez: As an equivalent to the US Special Forces SPR, this is the primary weapon of the OpFor advanced marksman.
- New AKS-74U: As an equivalent to the SOPMOD M4, the OpFor will have the new AKS-74U, including OpFor equivalents for each individual M4 mod.

Indigenous Forces:
All new class of player controlled forces to assist the Green Berets in combat situations. This unique class mimics the real life indigenous allied forces that work with US Special Forces across the globe. This class includes new player models and specialized weapons. The player will not need any special training to be able to play as an Indigenous Forces soldier on the supported Special Forces maps.

New weapons available to the Indigenous Forces class:
- RPG-7: Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher - a weapon used by Indigenous Forces capable of a devastating attack.
- New AKS-74U: Reworked OpFor equivalent to the M4A1 assault rifle.
- M9 Pistol: All new M9 pistol available only to Advanced Marksman as a 'last resort' weapon for close encounters. This pistol will only be available to Advanced Marksman (M-24, M-82, SPR) and will not be droppable or be left behind after the player is out of action.

3D Ironsights for all new weapons:
All new weapons for this version will have fully functional 3D ironsights. This includes the SOPMOD M4 Carbine, the AKS-74U, and the M9 pistols.

Weapons Mod Page:
All Special Forces qualified players will be able to fully customize their SOPMOD M4 Carbine rifles. On this new page in the User-Interface the player will be able to add and remove mods from their M4, as well as being able to save their favorite configurations as 'SETS' for quick changes. The current weapon mods available for the player to use include the following: the ACOG 4x Scope, ACOG Reflex Sight, M68 Aimpoint Sight, M203A1 Grenade Launcher (designed for the SOPMOD M4), the M583A1 Flare Launcher, the Harris Bipod, the M4QD Suppressor, Ironsights, and Heatshields.

In-Game IRC Chat Client:
New in this release is a fully functional in-game IRC chat client built into the game's user-interface. This new feature will allow the players to coordinate and chat on our official IRC channel (as well as other channels).

New Andromeda Server Browser:
A new integrated server browser platform from Supercomputer Gaming, allowing quick server refreshes, live server stats, and custom filters.

Six New Maps

Other Additions:
- New in-game 'Icon Key'
- New 'loading/connecting' message text boxes
- New Glossary included in the user-interface
- New 'Enable VSync' advanced video setting added
- New 'Disable Coronas' advanced video setting added
- Medic commo "Medic on the way!" by pressing 'm'
- Medic comms report location
- Progress bar added back to the Server Browser
- New "Deco Layers" advanced video setting added to allow user to turn off foliage and grass textures
- Added Tour Icons in server browser
- Added end-of-match timer explanation to class selection screen
- Added 3 camo 'skins' for SOPMOD M4 (Artic, Desert

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America's Army: Operations v2.0

the beauty of this game is thta its development is not impeded by the publishers desire for money. so many other games are bugged, and only get fixes ubtil a satisfactory number of copies of the box has been sold, then no more. The army develops this game, AND GIVES IT AWAY, the truly have no other motivation than to have pride in their when is the air force/navy/marines going to make a game like this?!?!?!?

America's Army: Operations v2.0

yea that right its cool bcz its free but think about if that game was costing , the game ware same cool?NO! this game need 100000 patchs before it will be cool buy the way the developers did that game not for free~! its project abd they have alot of sponcers and some money of miletery of usa!

America's Army: Operations v2.0

This is the best FPS game out, and it doesnt need tons of patches to work, your talking shit. I've been playing this game from almost the begining when it came out and they improved it over the year, the screen shots megagames got up are very old screens . wanna see how beautiful this game looks now. check [url removed] download version 2.0 you will need no patches. free game very realistic, I've played many FPS games like SOF2,Ghost Recon,CS and many more, and trust me when i say those games dont have shit on this ! see ya on the battle field [SA]V3rT0 HOOAH!

America's Army: Operations v2.0

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America's Army: Operations v2.0

LOL. CS still has more mofos playing than AA ever will. Don't gimme that "camp" and "spray" shit, coz camping happens in real gun fights as well. Why the hell would there be such things as "snipers"? Their purpose is to "camp" and take out people. Spraying? LOL...spraying's for noobs. If you can't get used to noobs, i suggest you play something more suited for your noob-ass: Unreal Tournament 2003.

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