Bandits: Phoenix Rising Single Player Demo


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This is the single player demo for Bandits: Phoenix Rising.
This demo lets you play through part of this vehicle combat game.

BANDITS is the game where your cannon mounted combat car takes you on an adventure across green fields, desert canyons and deep snow, bombing and blasting all sorts of enemies and cargo trucks, defending your gang and your glory!

In charge of the action are the notorious leaders of the Wolfpack gang, Fennec and Rewdalf. You take control of the action while Fennec & Rewdalf do the talking - they do a lot of that.

When you join the action you will be in for over 22 missions ranging from car duels, train robberies and storming of trade outposts to battling it out with hordes of enemies with only your trusted cannons and grenade launchers for companions.

Check out the rest of the site for a good look into the world of BANDITS.

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Bandits: Phoenix Rising Single Player Demo

"Anonymousat 0:20 13/3/2003Is there any blood in this game? "what the ??? its a racing game, with some cannons and its rated teen, i doupt it has any blood but you shouldnt play it anyway becuase a question like that sounds like your about 12.and file planet sucks alot, no more good file webpages since everyone has faster internet than they did 3 years ago.

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