Conflict Desert Storm 2 Demo


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This demo contains one playable mission for Conflict Desert Storm 2.


The top squad combat game of 2002 is back with more firepower, mould breaking AI and layer upon layer of polish and technological advances.

CDS II improves on the amazing combat engine of the first title with new weapon specific targeting, amazing new lighting and environmental effects, improved AI, new weapons, vehicles, enemies and much more!

Set in the 1991 Gulf War, Conflict: Desert Storm II takes you a further 300km behind enemy lines. As A Squadron, you will be tasked with the most critical missions and treacherous assignments.
Your objectives: to eliminate the Chemical Warfare, Supergun and Scud Missile threat posed by the enemy, and to eject the last die-hard elements of the elite Republican Guard from their fortified positions inside Kuwait City

Tougher than ever before, your missions centre on pivotal events in what is now termed the Mother of all Battles. Your campaign consists of 10 missions and begins with an urgent call for rescue. Should you survive the gruelling conditions, the relentless pursuit and the shattering assaults by heavy artillery, your final campaign will see you spearheading the Allied Forces' attempt to liberate Kuwait city, and a frantic struggle to prevent an ecological disaster amid the burning hell of the Kuwaiti oil fields.

Only strategy and skill will ensure your survival through frantic firefights, gut-wrenching vehicular combat, and gripping stealth operations.

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Conflict Desert Storm 2 Demo

I am the 3dGamers Website and although my games usually work, (no difference in file whatsoever) I prefer looking at megagames my mate. Otherwise I'd be all like looking in my insides and shit. These usercomments are what seperates Megagames from myself, I am afterall 'Meg' is where I get demos/freeware/shareware/patches/emulors etc. Meg let's us all get most of the stuff we need and the best thing is, he actually remembers everything he's ever had, ever! What a great m8.

Conflict Desert Storm 2 Demo

ok this game looks decent enough but i want you all to go and download the call of duty demo NOW!!!i have just played it and it is f**king awesome. the graphics are great and the flame effecst on the guns are soooo cool and there are planes crashing down around you and everything this is gonna be the ultimate war game i cant wait to get the full version and play the stalingrad levels they are gona rock and i hope a multiplayer demo is out soon.I havent been this impressed by a game since i got into counterstrike all that time ago :))** sorry for posting this here but i couldnt find the CoD demo on MG so i chose the next best war game comments**

Conflict Desert Storm 2 Demo

hey i got conflict demo but why wont it work???installs fine>setup screen comes on>click play>black screen comes on. every time on any graphic settings. all my other games run good and its not like i got a shit pc or anything.any ideas??

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