Darsana Public Beta 1


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Darsana is a combination of a fast paced first person shooter, and a detailed statistics system and strategies of an RPG. Darsana runs

along the lines of a fantasy medieval time including magic, and one of the opposition forces being the Undead. It is solely

multiplayer and meant for 5-30 people per server.

New Features

* User changeable welcome message
* Improved melee weapon hit detection system
* Correctly arching projectiles
* Ability to pick up projectiles (arrows, daggers, spears)
* Brand new menu system
* New experience system
* CSQC based hud (better for internet play)
* New Game mode Seige, Last Man Standing
* Several new weapons
* Broken into 3 classes
* Summon monsters
* Bots
* Stickphysics based decapitations and item hitting
* Rotating hinge doors
* Improved parrying system with dodge (using Q and E keys)
* Enchantments and new Magic for added player customization
* Free movement and user follow spectator mode
* Decapitation (kicking heads as well)
* (burning bodies correctly)
* Mouse over main menu

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Darsana Public Beta 1

I assume Anonymousat 14:23 7/2/2007 you didn't even touch the game.. the game multiplayer only (I believe Oblivion doesn't have any form of multiplayer) and it's nothing like Oblivion (which is in itself barely a unique game anyway). In the is game when you hit something you'll do proper amounts of damage and there isn't even a stat system *really*..it's more CS with swords then anything else.Plus MG got it wrong, they posted the list of changes for the currently Unreleased version of the game, Beta 1 doesn't have half of that.

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