Devastation Single Player Demo


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Co-published by ARUSH Entertainment and Groove Games, and Developed by Digitalo, Devastation™ is a high-action, teamplay-oriented first-person shooter powered by heavily modified, next-generation Unreal® Engine tech.

Demo Info:
This demo lets you play two levels of the game, Flynn in Devastation's South Urbia and Transit levels.

On a future devastated Earth, powerful, corrupt corporations control remaining technology and rule what's left of society. Pacification Squads, a brutal private police force, maintain order for the corporate syndicate.

The only hope for freedom is a small group of Resistance fighters made up of gang leaders, mercenaries and ex-military operatives. As the Resistance leader you must assemble your army and travel the globe, restoring peace and sanity in a very dangerous world.

•Next-generation Unreal® Engine coupled with the MathEngine Karma™ physics system provides dramatic visuals, ultra-realistic object physics, rag-doll deaths, and user-friendly mod tools

•Hollywood-style explosions and in-your-face special effects showcase awesome particle physics including explosive headshots, flowing water and blood, amazing weapons effects and realistic fire created by the amazing "OFX" VisualFX system with full hardware T & L support

•Incredible next-generation AI that gives enemies and NPCs micro-behaviors and heightened awareness, while teammates provide intelligent cooperation and assistance

•Practically everything can be used, destroyed or manipulated-set traps with the garbage in the streets, use a broken bottle to slash your way to victory or toss a chair down the hall to distract a guard

•More than 40 unique weapons, including machine guns, swords, handguns, sniper weapons and incredible Rat Drones that allow players to "become the weapon"

•Objective-based single player campaign, incorporating special skills like stealth, surveillance, hacking into security systems, sniping, and brute force

•36 massive, photorealistic levels based off real-world textures, including 22 single player and 14 multiplayer maps, set in four stunning environments

•All the favorite multiplayer standards, including traditional head to head and teamplay games, including an exciting new style of multiplayer gaming

•Superior sound, from the ability to use noise to distract enemies or alert team mates, to the cutting edge soundtrack by Messy-the techno rebirth of members of Love & Rockets

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Devastation Single Player Demo

click the download tab at the top you stupid f**k. how do you think you got to the user comments dumbass? to the right of that is the download tab you stupid piece of shit. People as stupid as you should be f**king shot. If i were you i'd just go out and kill myself. I'd take a shotgun, jump off of a building, and shoot myself in the head while I was falling, and if that didn't work, hitting the ground would finish the job. Both your dads obviously haven't done a good job at raising you, tell them to kill you, because you're too stupid to be alive. Tell them to kill themselves after too, cause they've done a shitty ass job at raising you, you stupid f**k.

Devastation Single Player Demo

hey when i was a n00b here it took me a bit to find the downloads tab cause if you scroll down a page you can't see the tab any more and how often do you see on a site the download option at the top of a page? and if he got to the comments page like i do he clicked 'post a comment' wich isn't up next to downloads so yeah lay of the guy alright.

Devastation Single Player Demo

DON'T download this demo, it really bites! The graphics are OK (nothing to write home about) but the AI is dumber than my dirty socks and your squadmates are more hindrance than help. PLEASE don't waste your time!

Devastation Single Player Demo

I thought this game was going to be good but after playing the single player demo, it turned out to be shit, graphics were okay at best they also looked washed out sometimes. The shoot outs in this game are not that fun for some reason. I thought the AI was pretty good and acted decent in different situations.Gun sounds are horrible except for a few guns.

Devastation Single Player Demo

this game is an even bigger piece of poo than the first game i said was poo so you can also go back home and make a better game as this game is poo. it is poo because it looks like poo, moves like poo, smells like poo, tastes like poo and it belongs in the bottom of the toilet like poo. i would put this game in the bottom of the toilet and do an even bigger poo than last time on it as this game is a big fat piece of poo. the game is poo so it must have been made by poo heads with poo brains that live in poo houses with poo families and drive poo cars on poo roads because they are poo and poo is not good and all poo should be flushed down a toilet and never come back agian

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