Legends of Might and Magic


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Many years ago, the Ancient Gods foretold of a day of reckoning when our history would be rewritten, and the world would be plunged into chaos . . .


The prophecy warns of a leader who will be forced to decide between fighting for the forces of Good or Evil. The fate of our dark and deadly lands will rest on the outcome of that decision . . .


This time it will take the power of more than one to control the lands of Might and Magic.


-Battle over the INTERNET FREE* in an ultimate team combat game.
-Stunning new 3D GAMING worlds powered by advanced gaming technology.
-MULTIPLE character classes to choose from, all with individual skills, spells, and advantages.
-Fast-paced HAND-TO-HAND and spell combat.
-WIELD magical weapons, from the mundane to the immensely powerful.
-BEWARE all new creatures that roam the worlds and will do anything to stop your team.
-Hard-hitting Team vs. Team MEDIEVAL MAYHEM for up to 16 players.
-Stunningly DETAILED fantasy worlds powered by an all-new game engine.
-Unique CHARACTER CLASSES to choose from, each with individualized strengths and weaknesses.
-Hordes of BONE - CRUSHING melee and magical weapons. Choosing the right combinations are vital to the success of your team!
-Only one game COMBINES highly detailed indoor and outdoor combat areas, Might and Magic™, the Internet, and the most powerful 3D PC game engine!
-Will you take on the role of the virtuous CHAMPION, or the diabolical VILLAIN? The choice is yours!

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