Prince of Qin Beta Client


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Prince of Qin Beta Client:

Now you can be a part of the Qin kingdom after the passing of the first Emperor, of China. This is an MMOG that will put you into the Qin empire with thousands of other players.


Over 100 different locations including 28 cities, 18 counties, and 78 country fields. This does not include building interiors at these locations.

You get to choose to play from one of five basic character types- Paladins, Wizards, Assassins, Witches and Musclemen. All of them will have their unique sets of skills and abilites.

Game content is inspired by the art and history from the period of the game.

Interact with over 70 different Non-Player Characters in stores, palaces, mansions and inns.

Magic is based on the five elements Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. In ancient China, philosophers believed that the world was made up of these elements.

Players can combine raw materials and combine precious items to forge new weapons.

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Prince of Qin Beta Client

hiif u plz give me the full version of the age of empires games mail me on my mail add i will be pleasure to thanks with u and i also wanna this game prine of qin beta client plz send me i have version of age of empries II the conqueriors if u give me the updates of this version i am very happy one with u plz do this for me thanks i am wait for ur reply okbye see uaga shahi khan

Prince of Qin Beta Client

You want Age of Empires =Incase you havnt realised you can get that game on the front of cerial boxes now. And all good MMORPG's are going to have a monthly fee, Thats why no MMORPG's are ever anything more than good. Oh and I havnt played this game but I can tell you now that the special effects in this game are poorly and cheaply done. I dont understand why companies done think about the games they make any more. Companies just wanna sell the most games possible so they make them as fast as they can. We, or at least I want less games; more quality. Seriously today's standerds should be alot higher, when did the 1st diablo come out, I dont know, I was never into it so lets just say it came out in 1998, now 1998 was a good yeah with some well created games, Half-life and diablo (assuming it came out than, probly came out 2 years b 4 that but who cairs) now 5 boreing years later and what do we get? Another diablo game, well in the graphics area any way. So this game is realy bad, just my looking at that realy anoying picture of all those little fires that are doing a mad attempt to make some weird spell or somfin that that guy in the middle cast. I sugest you go out and but another game... howbout diablo it self... or somfin a lil more fin like fallout, oh and im realy bord so i dont no y im wrteing this. cya

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