Pro Race Driver Multiplayer Demo


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Exhaust drifts across the asphalt as engines roar and tyres scream their impatience against the red-hot surface. Sunlight sparks off the bodywork of the touring cars drawing up to the grid and on the track ahead, heat shimmers transform the raceway into treacherous pools of quicksilver.

As a car pulls into the number three position on the grid, the crowd explodes. Ryan McKane, the meteoric newcomer who's taking the Touring Car circuit by storm, leans from his window to acknowledge his adoring fans. Not yet World Champion, but far from the unknown test driver of
just a few short months ago, Ryan's career has its foot hard on the gas pedal, powering towards the chequered flag.

It's going to take all your courage, all your skill and all your driving passion to take Ryan from rookie to a world-beating race driver, in this first-of-its-kind cinematic thrill-ride of a game. Power slide around the opposition, face your challenges head-on, cheer the successes and mourn the losses, but above all of these WIN.

Game Features:

•42 licensed touring & race cars including Mercedes CLK, Alfa Romeo GTV and Viper GTS.

•38 international circuits recreated under licence including Bathurst, Hockenheim and Silverstone.

•13 global Championships including official series: DTM from Germany, V8 Supercars from Australia and the Britsh Touring Car Championship.

•Pro Race Driver on the PC will feature online play over the internet or local area networks...more details coming soon.

•The roar of the cars' engines and the dramatic story sequences sound better than ever. With support any for surround sound mode up to and including 5.1, also supporting EAX, enabling reverberation and environmental audio effects.

•Use of Matrox Surround Gaming, game play can be viewed across three linked monitors, players to see the circuit and cars ahead and to the sides. Giving a dramatic sensation of actually being inside the car, the central monitor displays the camera view of the track ahead. The monitors to the left and the right show the camera views from either side of the car, enabling players to see which rival racers are closing in on their position. In a race replay, the display provides an ultra-wide field of view across all 3-screens.

•Qualifying for each race will now be featured within the championship mode. In Australia's V8 Supercar Championship series, players will beable to experience the 'Shoot out' qualification system.

•State-of-the-art car physics engine, tested for realism by professional race drivers.

•Involving and intriguing blockbuster storyline draws the player deep into the lives of the characters.

•Customizable car setup provides a uniquely true-to-life driving and performance experience.

•Spectacular car damage seen in stunning graphical detail thanks to support for Direct X 8 compatible graphics cards. Featuring standard-defining, real, visible damage, created using the crash test industry's FEM system, affects the handling and drivability of vehicles.

•Genre-beating, bumper-to-bumper racing with up to 20 cars all gunning for position on track at once.

•Massive play and replay value - Pro Race Driver™ features a massive 13 full World Championships.

•Great soundtrack featuring Ash, Iggy and the Stooges, Thin Lizzy, Morceeba, Al Green and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

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Pro Race Driver Multiplayer Demo

First Postwhat pisses me about the game is the fact that the Mercedes CLK is unavailable... on the pc version unless you pay to get some cheat code from codemasters or get some secret or what ever cause i finished the game and i dont have it, I do have it on the PS2 version though

Pro Race Driver Multiplayer Demo

hi all i need a half life cd key, my freind got his cd case lost and i gave him my cd key, problem is we both have a clan going and we cant get on, so i would really appreaciate it if you could all send me a EMAIL at thank you :)

Pro Race Driver Multiplayer Demo

This generation is doomed.Yes GHF, i am sure whom ever you threatend over the internet is just trembling in their shoe's as we speak.OH NO!;he got a death threat from an over hormoned child trying to exerta modicum of manhood.On a side note, this games graphics are extremely well polished.While the play mechanics may not be as realistic as other sims, it is unquestionably fun to play.And there is something wrongly satisfying about knowing you caused a huge online pile up LOL.

Pro Race Driver Multiplayer Demo

yeah i agree bob is a just a bit weird, and im with you weiner first post things are just bullshit, unless they actually have something to say like on this rare occasion. its people like them who have ruined the forums on megagames. megagames still rocks tho! ive been going here for over 5 years not all that long but i come here everyday just for news and shit, LONG LIVE MEGAGAMES :D

Pro Race Driver Multiplayer Demo

1st: The game is pretty much arcade. Physics are good but the damage models are not as realistic as you'd expect from what the reviews tell. Graphics are really good and the game runs very well in a 1500mhz cpu, 512 mb ram and an ati 9000.2nd: Keyboard driving sucks d**k big time. If you dont have a good joystick, you'll be doing turns like a parkinson affected driver.3rd: The storyline is cool. You really have a good motivation to play and the races go by pretty quicly.4th: car settings are not minimal but limited. After all, you can avoid to set your car and win, but if you set it right you win more easily.5th: a good buy for someone looking for a modern car race game.

Pro Race Driver Multiplayer Demo

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