Project Earth Demo


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Play the demo for this real-time strategy game set in deep space and take control of 2 difference races.


Next-generation 3D real-time space strategy

Game Description

Since the beginning of space travel, Earth has only managed to colonize one other planet, Cognita, in the Alpha Centauri A system. Further searches have now discovered another habitable planet, 68 light years from Earth. You are David, a "Sundiver," one of the lucky few who are born with the ability to control Earth's massive motherships with their minds. Mankind prepares the fleet to colonize the new planet, but on the way there, the Sundivers are intercepted by a league of alien ships…


Beautifully rendered 3D real-time environment

Engaging Real Time Strategy

Fun, easy to understand interface

Unique gameplay, operating in three different battleplanes simultaneously

Play as Humans or 2 races of Aliens in this epic battle for survival

Play with up to eight players in Multiplayer mode

System Requirements

Windows 95/98/ME/XP

Pentium II 300 Mhz

128 MB RAM

3D video card

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Project Earth Demo

DeeGOD!Takes time to learn?????I've played the tutorial about 5 times now and i cant ever get it done, it tells me to do soemthing i do it and nothing happens! The controls are totaly screwed up, cant figure out how to do anything useful!Other then that the game looks pretty impressive, the graphichs are quite good and the sound FX are appropriate for the mood of the game, Id love this game if I could figure out how the interface works... )o;

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