Quake 4 Linux Demo


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Activision and Ravensoftware have released a demo for Quake 4 on the Linux platform.

Installation instructions:

The Quake 4 (TM) GNU/Linux Demo will install to
/usr/local/games/quake4-demo by default, and will not conflict
with an installation of Quake 4 (TM) retail.

PLEASE NOTE: The Linux version of Quake 4 (TM) is NOT supported by
Activision Customer Support.

Start the game with the command: quake4-demo
Start the dedicated server with the command: quake4-demoded

For troubleshooting and help, see:

Minimum system requirements:

- GNU/Linux system
- Pentium(r) 4 2.0 GHz or Athlon(tm) XP 2000+ processor
- 512MB RAM
- Kernel 2.4, 2.6 is recommended
- glibc >= 2.2.4

3D acceleration ( not required for dedicated server ):
- SDL >= 1.2 [1]
- latest OpenGL drivers, correctly configured
- ATI(r) Radeon(r) 9700
- ATI Radeon 9800
- ATI Radeon X300 series
- ATI Radeon X550 series
- ATI Radeon X600 series
- ATI Radeon X700 series
- ATI Radeon X800 series
- ATI Radeon X850 series
- Nvidia(r) GeForce(TM) 3/Ti series
- Nvidia GeForce 4/Ti series
- Nvidia GeForce FX series
- Nvidia GeForce 6 series
- Nvidia GeForce 7 series

Audio ( not required for dedicated server ):
- sound card with OSS or Alsa support, stereo and surround
sound are supported with both APIs
Alsa >= 1.0.6 is required


- Internet (TCP/IP) and LAN (TCP/IP) play supported
- Internet play requires broadband connection

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Quake 4 Linux Demo

Linux is not for poor... lots of big servers run on it, Linux is just an alternative to Windows, you are not force to use Windows, Im sure (Anonymous at 10:15) that you didn't paid for your Windows and crack it...

Quake 4 Linux Demo

I use linux for everything except the games that I can't seem to get working except in windows. I'm very happy that all of the quake and doom games I like to play are ported to linux, it saves me some reboot time.P.S. I'm not poor, but I use linux because its more enjoyable then using the same old windows gui over and over again.

Quake 4 Linux Demo

Linux and *nix power the web and everything important in the world, such as; large databases, file storage and NAS. If the Windows kernel is so great, why are they the only OS to use it. All other OS's use a *nix variant (Mac, Sun, IBM, BSD, Linux. Oh yeah, MS runs their all important website on Linux. Just remember that next tuesday, when your performing your Windows update.

Quake 4 Linux Demo

what!!! are they trying to corupt another operating system with this quake garb, not to mention later versions are very gay gay gay!! to the maxs so dont bother to pay your taxes. nyyuck nyyuck!!!

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